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I'm down and I'm tired!

I'm down and I'm tired!

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Breastfeeding every night several times a month! Probably all moms sometimes get to the point that they feel like they are not getting any further. It can be very painful if you can never go out yourself!

Although I am sleeping with my other little baby together, it is really crazy for me to actually every sleep cycle wakes you up. When I lay down, she sleeps three hours in a row, but afterwards she asks for the baby so she can fall back asleep. How will you ever be able to sleep without waking up and sucking? I am also worried that I am very captured. At 170 cents, I used to be 54-56 pounds, but I've been catching up for fifty now. Can I do something about the change or wait with patience, how things change on their own?
K.K., Cormorant

Night breastfeeding can be very tired over the long term

Dear Kata,
It goes without saying that you are looking for a very tired or solved problem. The most important thing to note is that it is a normal phenomenon that the researchers mainly nervous system with relative inertia They are explained by a variety of factors, but many other factors also play a role. Neither poor education nor breastfeeding is responsible for the situation. parents change anything on their penitentiary and their transition strategy. That is, if you have the power, you can choose the method of selection. At the same time, it can be worth a while to drop a turkey. My first child came to this status eight months ago, and now I see very much it was a bad decision to let her crybecause it didn't solve the problem, but on the contrary, it made him even more angry. Eleven years had passed by the time he'd spent the night, but he hadn't slept well since. Kьzdцttьnk unnecessarily, it's just йs бrtott.A mбsodik child tizenhбrom hуnapos korбtуl magбtуl бtaludta mindkettхnknek the йjszakбt, azуta is sleeping like a baby, and хt, learning from the elхzmйnyekbхl, zokszу nйlkьl breastfed bбrmikor, bбrmennyiszer.A harmadiknбl mбsfйl йves korбban йrzetem ъgy, that I can no longer love you. While I was trying to breastfeed more often during the day, I agreed with her that at night, and even now, she would only sleep, not breastfeed. As we slept together, it didn't take much for me to change, and so much so that the night of the first two-three was very upset and also a bit sullen. But We were sorry, we reassured youWe understand, and surprisingly quickly accepted, that he is really asleep now.More and more, this method can work for a year old because he usually understands what you are up to. It is also conceivable that the thyroid gland is in the background of the problem. Blood tests, hormone levels can be used to determine whether you are losing weight, causing this condition to become exhausted, or sleeping.Related articles about Night Breastfeeding:
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