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So choose a baby bottle!

So choose a baby bottle!

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In addition to breastfeeding, there is always a need for a device that is appropriate for the baby's developmental level, age and nutrition during breastfeeding or after breastfeeding.

If you want to continue breastfeeding and only need periodic "replacements", it is important that you use the baby's drinking technique to minimize the amount of breastfeeding you have. For the first three months, smaller bottles will be enough, and the baby will get breast milk through the smallest hole, a small drop of cumin marked with a drop.

It's like sucking

The pacifier is physiologically designed, with a raised, harder top up into the baby's mouth, giving your baby exactly the time you want to breastfeed and the speed at which you are breastfeeding. Tiny pacifiers and widened neck are based on the shape of the breast, so you don't get cum when your baby gets to eat glass a few times while breastfeeding.
Babymoov Bioteet Baby Bottle 230 ml 2990 Ft

Instead of baby bottles

Suitable for breastfeeding or nursing babies with a suitable plastic drinking cup. The elongated beak fits softly into the baby's tongue, so no drop is lost. Breast milk can be directly added to the glass. It does not hinder the return to breastfeeding, it can be used during toothache, and it is an excellent aid for feeding sick children as well.
Dricks Breastfeeding And Tooth-friendly Swedish Nutrition Bottle, 80 ml 1890 Ft

Breastfeeding feed

Helps maintain the breast reflex and make the choice between breast and glassy nutrition. No dummy, milk flows only when the baby is vacuuming his mouth so he can take a break, eat at his own pace, take a breath. With a once-a-day payday, I have three months of life.
Medela Calma Special Nutrition Tool 150 ml 7490 Ft

So choose a baby bottle!

She teaches suck

Babies born with low breastfeeding skills or low birth weight also learn to breastfeed. The nipple under the nipple goes through the breast milk, but at the same time it stimulates the breast to stimulate milk production. It is specifically designed as a breastfeeding aid during the first few weeks and months.
Medela sns feeding system 11 990 Ft


If you are breastfeeding but regularly spend longer periods of time away from your baby, working for example, a larger kit is the most practical solution for breastfeeding and breastfeeding. Baby bottles, tanks, breast pads of the same brand are interchangeable, fit and can be expanded with additional accessories.
Philips AVENT Starter Kit (2 x 125 ml, 2 x 260 ml plastic bottles, toy rubber, glass brushes)
You will need breastfeeding supplement or nutritional supplementation from the second half to the higher content glass. Wide-necked glasses are more comfortable for dieting, but make sure you fit in your existing heater before buying. Different necks, different sized necks, non-screw-on pacifiers cause a lot of annoyance, but rather buy a larger hole nutritious noodle or higher body weight for the same type.

Evolъciуs baby series

The first part of the Step Up series, the soft, sloping feeding soup, adapted to the ability of the newborn to breastfeed, prevents air swallowing and perfectly mimics the breast. From the second month onwards, change to the slightly more embossed Step Up 2 Feeding Bottle, which by the middle of the year is the elongated shaped Step Up 3 stone, so baby feeding is always geared to your baby's developmental level.
Chicco Step Up 1 Slanted Bottle 150 ml 2490 Ft

You know a lot

With a special procedure, the silicone dummy is given a silk-like surface so that your baby will not have to switch between mom and glass feeding. The valve on the bottom of the baby bottle, without breathing, allows the baby to drink continuously. The bottom can be unscrewed, the plastic baby bottle can be sterilized into a sterile glass, so it can be sterilized anywhere, without sterilization.
Mam Anti-Colic 160ml Bottle 1520 Ft

Wide neck

Never add the formula in the glass as it causes many small, bubbling air bubbles to flow into the liquid. Instead, mix with a cannula at the time of preparation or after heating - this is where the wide neck is. And the silicone rubber airflow valve helps the baby absorb less air - helping prevent stomach fat.
Suavinex plastic bottle Liberty Collection 150 ml 1990 Ft

For stomach prevention

A special internal valve ensures that no air is drawn into the fluids, thus preventing stomach bloat, bloating, and a greater loss of vitamins A, C and E. Package includes standard size glass bottle, feeding bottle 1, double internal flap valve and cleaning brush.
Dr. Brown's Glass Bottle 120 and 240 ml 2690 and 2850 Ft
Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Nipple Bottle 240 ml 2190 Ft

Clean the pacifier

By squeezing the side of the baby bottle, you can control how much milk, formula or fat pops into your baby's mouth, and the valves on the bottom of the bottle help keep the air in and out of the baby's bottle. The SoftFlex Slow-Flow Silicone Feeding Tube can be replaced with a lower medium flow and then a silicone tube, so you can adapt to the needs of the weaning period until the end of the weaning period.
Nuby Natural Touch Soft Silicone Bottle 150 ml 3290 Ft

For single-handed feeding

After unscrewing the cannula, you can insert the powder into the elastic handle and then, by pushing the arrow, push the cannula into the cannula. If you started prepping your baby early, your baby would have to go through an almost impatient two walls, without the need for smudging, even in the middle, and quickly and comfortably.
Boon Squirt special feeding spoon, orange, 90 ml 2990 Ft

Baby bottle after

Always keep the baby bottle and do not give it to the baby: when feeding, you ensure close proximity to the baby, giving your love, preventing unnecessary lengthening of the tooth and avoiding tooth decay. By no means allow the feeding bottle to be trapped between your teeth. With the help of the "beak", you should first try to drink from a glass.
MAM Drinking Glass With 190ml 1450 Ft


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