In infant formulas, dead insects were found

In infant formulas, dead insects were found

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Based on a Slovenian application, the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NIBI) has reported through the RASFF a case of a dead insect in a baby formula.

Milupa found a dead insect in a dietThe children were transported to the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. Following the review, Nebih immediately contacted the Hungarian distributor of the products, and a follow-up investigation is currently underway.Product details
  • Product name: "Aptamil 1 Pronutra Infant Formula
  • Mark: Milupa
  • Packaging: 800 grams
  • Item number: 100762029
  • Quality preservation time: 13/10/2019
  • RASFF Reference Number: 2018.2326
The Nebih asks the Liberty to if you have purchased a product with the above identifiers, do not consume it!(VIA)