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Due to a systemic problem, the baby loan loan may be delayed for weeks

Due to a systemic problem, the baby loan loan may be delayed for weeks

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It will almost certainly take weeks for the baby boom credit to start because a systemic mistake was not thought of by lawmakers.

Due to a systemic problem, the baby loan loan may be delayed for weeksDue to a systemic problem, the baby loan can start as early as July 1, even weeks. The problem is getting the documents you need to certify your TB legal relationship, and for those who want it, it's an unclear request as to where and how to get the document you need. at the moment of application he has a 3 year continuous TB legal relationship. According to the information provided by the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK), the necessary documentary evidence is provided not by the NEAK but by the health insurance office operating in the county where they are domiciled. The Neak honlapjбn the alбbbi tбjйkoztatбs appeared in The National Egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi Alapkezelх felhнvja all йrdeklхdх figyelmйt that appeared in the mйdiбban tбjйkoztatбsokkal ellentйtben szьksйges the babavбrу credit relationship igazolбst illetйkes not the National Egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi Alapkezelх, but lakуhely by megyeszйkhelyen eljбrу mыkцdх egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi pйnztбri feladatkцrben jбrбsi offices adjбk who the relevant legislation, 44/2019. (III. 12.) of the Government Decree No. 5 (5) (d). In Budapest, for example, a certificate is issued in two places, but it is not possible to book a date in any of the places. It can be claimed after the 1st of July, it takes up to 8 days to calculate the mailing time. This time you can go to the bank with the certificate and the loan will be applied for 10 days. (At the request of Bank360, however, many banks have indicated that they will not accept clients without a TB legal relationship even if all other baby loans are eligible as long as they are still valid). ) So the first fluids will not be reversed before July 20th, as they will not have the required TB legal proof before that date. This is another problem for couples expecting to have children before July 20th. Even more important is the revision of the decree, which is under development, which is July 1-20. would be the solution for couples expecting a child between them.
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