Program Guide Playhouse, Exhibition, Fairy Tale, Wine Days, Children's Day

Program Guide Playhouse, Exhibition, Fairy Tale, Wine Days, Children's Day

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Fortunately, we are spending more and more time outdoors. We found you a brand new outdoor playbook, but that's not all!


The House of Hospitality has been a great place for cycling, playing and hiking in a cultured environment. On Sunday mornings the offer is enriched! At nine o'clock there comes a time when you can try the funicular tunnel, the whirlpool, the hanging bridge, you can fish freshwater fish, or you can watch the swimsuit! - you can have a wall, you can try to cheer up, and you can have water too ... but that's not all! Come on in and play with us! In our café we serve delicious, healthy cold and hot drinks for the bigger and the smallest! Don't miss the little one at home, and we look forward to welcoming you in our comfortable and safe sweatshirt!

Maternity programs at the Festkk in Vros

Between May 25th and 29th this year, CSEPKE will be part of the Festival of the Painters in Kaposvár. This is where the birthright, world-famous programs of birth, maternity, maternity and childhood are organized.
The exhibit opens afterwards Everything is in the beginning Roundtable talk about birth, birth Csapу Virбg szнnmыvйsznхvel, Bodor Andrea Lili pszicholуgus-dъlбval. Moderator: Krisztina Vбrnainй Jupin йs Ferencz Judit.

Fairy tale for pumpkin seeds

Szabina Nemes Magical magic wand for all its fairy tales. You will be able to see it at Kultea Stage on May 21 at noon. This honeymoon tale is played in the Turquoise Empire, in a magnificently colored small forest where Hubboros Papu and Hubboros Mammy are born with great affection. One day we suddenly come across a grumpy and creepy Bibirchuk, who is looking for a magic wand in the hope that he can make new friends with his help. When the special magic barn is found, a series of hoax bullies begin ...

Wine days - for the little ones too!

Gyöngyös Wine Days is one of the most colorful events in the city. Offers a colorful selection of cultural, gastronomic, pop music, pop music and dance programs for those attending the event. This year's event coincides with Children's Day, so the little ones are prepared by the organizers with many surprises. Every day, the best known wineries and wine cellars of the Metropolitan Region present their wines and offer their products, exhibitors of art exhibitions and buy them at the event. On the Stage in Gyöngyös Main Square, you can meet several other talents of talent, nun ensembles, and jugglers throughout the three days.

The street of nations

On the second day of the International Children's Rescue Service with the Metropolitan Government, you can visit the Nation's Street on Sunday in the City Park. Embassies and cultural institutions accredited in Budapest are interested in European, non-European cultures, traditions and traditions. Indonesian, Polish, German, Palestinian dance, Far Eastern sports on the stage. This year I visit the event with face painting, musical dance presentations, crafts, plasticization, drawing posters, quizzes, and many more.