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Let's get ready for the ovary!

Let's get ready for the ovary!

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The ovis open in September, and prospective small groups are happy to get used to it. What will the first day be like? We took away three-year-old Zsuzsi to see what was happening to him…

Curiosity and bloodshed overwhelm the little kid: what will your lady look like, what will we have for dinner, will the kids play with me? In parents, anxiety and hope are swirling: how will I manage alone, how much will I be sick, can I really work from him?
One or two weeks before going to ovia, we gradually move on to our next "schedule": getting up early in the morning, spending time with breakfast, as if we had to go for a second. Walk past the doorway at a time when the ovis are breathing so we can bring it to the yard. What do you like? What do you do when you're here? - So let's start talking about your ideas.

Gradual acclimatization

At most places, mom can go into the group room for the first few days and stay there for a while. Steps into the small group spend only half a day in the ovi's first week, after that they have lunch there, and then sleep after lunch. At the time of enrollment, but at least one to two weeks before the start of kindergarten, you should consider the routine. With that in mind, let's prepare for this period. The start of the job is delayed by a few weeks, as the waiter is spent at the ovi. The little ones will soon make friends with each other and with their aunt if we stay in the background. In just a few days, they are happy to throw a gooseberry to their mother.

The big day is coming

Zsuzsi wakes up excitedly. First time today! Mom talked a lot about roulette, because she was asking her to sleep too much. And not a few now! Oh, wait, oh, but I'm worried about what it will be like - expressing his impatience. Mom knows that childhood is good for her baby, and now she is uncertain whether Zsuzsi is really ripe for self-indulgence. According to educators, it is natural for a parent to be worried about the new stage of life, but it is important that the child is not distracted by his or her inner habits.
Hint: Let us stick to our determination and send him clear signs!

The oves open at the end of August, and everything in the family is about getting used to it.

New friends

Entering the gate in March, Zsuzsi finds herself facing strange children. They move, signs on hangers - all unknown, which one? And what's his sign? Mom enters the small group room. The kids are already doing something on the table with your aunt. Young, blond lady, smiling in front of Zsuzsi. - Nice to see you - Welcome. She tells her name and starts dating the baby. Sure, he could answer, but he hasn't had much opportunity to meet strangers. The new situation is more likely to go away mother. Looks like it's okay because mom and her aunty are talking. This is also a signal to the child: whoever she loves, she can trust.
Hint: It is easier for our seedling to accept the yeast when it sees that we are with it. We can make more money if we use a little friendly phrase than pushing our child inside.

Come on!

The kids are building a tower. "Come on, we're here with you!" Mom says, and they wake up. But for now, Zsuzsi just stops and watches them. Strangers are loud and loud, and they aren't good at talking. It doesn't go any closer, sitting down to a small table. In the first days, this is natural. He seems so familiar with many new things. It wouldn't help the homeless kid to pick out a playground for him and get him there. Confidence will build in it, let's take a moment to reflect.
The seemingly unfortunate, desolate man is very "working": he is closely watching the events in front of his eyes. In your posture, you see how they are becoming more and more involved in games: it turns ever closer to the narrow end, to the slightest step above the others, or simply to every transition. You can't ask for a quick query about how fast this is going on.

In the group

"Here is Zsuzsi," the owe nun introduces the new baby to the others. All eyes are tickled. Zsuzsi also chokes, eyes meet. Until unknown faces look back, it can be a scary situation, reassured if there are one or two playbook friends. It's easier to get to know the little lurking with your aunt. At this age, the child is still most attached to her mother, and in the ovi to her mother. If she accepts her as a substitute for her mother, she dares to turn to her with pain and happiness, and is comforted, braver to the children. After all, he has an adult co-worker whom he can trust, who will protect him, who will help him in case of need.

First alone

With your mother coming to the door, you can have a good time because she is here. It's like a playground, you can run to it any time. But now he's leaving and he's here alone. Mom will make sure she comes back after her fire. Your lady leads you to the window, looks, waves at her. Mom smiled, went back, and disappeared. Getting used to the good of Vienna is especially important in the process of getting used to it. We should never lose sight of it, even if our seedling is virtually neglected and plays foolishly.
Just stop, look up, and he won't find us again. It fills us with horror; it closes us closer to it, that is to say the opposite of what we want. Say goodbye to him when he's just pausing in the games. Well, once we catch our eye, we can tell you by the way when we come back.
Hint: Do not give up separation with long apprehension, countless kisses, bouncing, even if your baby is crying loudly, and we're snapping.

Eat in the group

Before we go to the table, we go to the bathroom. Little toilets are cute, how nice to look at it, Zsuzsi likes it, she doesn't have such a home. But don't you come in with the others and clear out your butt? He hadn't tried it alone, but the nanny didn't dare to give birth. Now what? Even the most careful preparation will give you new situations. No problem, the owls know them and offer their help. The little child gets more and more experience, which increases his confidence.
In the beginning it is no wonder if you are not eating or just eating. Even the familiar foods look just like their smell. It is also a question of how entrepreneurial you are, whether you dare to taste the novelties, or whether you are too shy. The Transfiguration: If there are some good transitions in the group, healthy eating children, the rest will be happy, but unfortunately the reverse is true, as well as turkish, piggy-baiting. Many parents find that their little one eats in the ovi much nicer than at home.

Mom came

Zsuzsi fits the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with two little girls: her teddy bear's shoes, her jacket. That's when Mom arrives. First, you gently wonder if your baby is crying. He is pleased to see that he is completely into the game, and he will not take it again. He waits until he finishes the puzzle and leaves home afterwards. "So what was it you did?" Rarely do we have a wise answer to this, and we get more information if we inquire about the urn.
There may be a number of reasons why our baby does not tell the ovir. You may not be able to formulate your new impressions so well. Larger ones are worth living and don't want to get parents into everything. Note that what we hear also evokes the senses of our young child at all times. Probably not crying all day, when he received it desperately, he just woke up from sleep in Duluth.
We may accidentally discover a bite in your arm, and you may have forgotten that you got stuck in a hair because of a game. Let's talk briefly about what we did, what we ate, so sooner or later he would report on the day. Before going to bed, the evening's story and the person can suddenly remember what he or she would like to tell us.

Tips to get you started:

- Let's talk to Ounce about a little visitation day.
- Let's go through the book on Kindergarten Life!
- Let's practice separation with Grandma, a friend!
- Choose some light ovis, small, backpacks!
- Let's adapt to the little one's habit: there are those who need it for a long time.

She doesn't feel good at the door

We need to think about the reasons, if we have a seedling during the habituation period, we are constantly experiencing aversion. Let's talk to you about how he sees the situation. What did we see at home? Don't you want to get up in the morning, doodled, aggressive? Unfavorable backdrop to starting school is the birth of a little brother, parents' choice, or other family problems. In such a case, our little child may not be in trouble with the school, but will feel exposed to the family.
It is often the case that one of your nuns does not like and fears that he will meet him immediately in the morning. You may not have matured enough to enjoy communion for three years, but that wouldn't be a problem after a year. If you can, take me to the door. Perhaps your grandmother can bring you home after lunch, or maybe organize your work by extending a short weekend on a Friday or Monday.

He doesn't want to go out

Some people are hard to get used to, and after the initial enthusiasm they lose their temper - transient strikes can always be expected. Little kids also have worse days, and we don't start out equally as well every day at work, even if we love what we do. You may just like one of your newlyweds, have a friend who is ill, dislikes one item (for example, lunch, occupation, or bedtime), has a bullying child, magбt.
Let's hear what's wrong! You may not be able to articulate what you do not like in the ovi, as it is worth initiating such conversations in Delhi. We also talk about our work, our little successes, our annoyances. In the evening, the puppy wandered over to hear a story about the little turtle (or other favorite animal) with whom the typical events occurred. Let's collect the pre-sleep bouquet: what was good today and what wasn't.
In the beginning, we had to help: it was good time, we could go out to the yard, we had a nice lunch, we played my favorite game and so on. Staying next to the kindergarten, we'll be very uncertain if we miss a day and get in sooner. If you are suspected of having problems with depression, talk to your baby and ask for your psychologist's, developmental teacher's opinion if necessary.Related articles:
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