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Zalan's tenth month

Zalan's tenth month

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In our series, you will learn about how a child develops and becomes a child through the life of a real baby. From this month onwards, Zalzn can look at the world from a new perspective, as he stood up and alike with a lot of innovation.

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Even though the two big sons had changed their nights in good shape when it came to their teeth, the process goes unnoticed in Zalan: there are so many teeth out there! Nights have become calmer after frequent wakes in the previous month, although they wake up a few times, but fall asleep after a minute or two. Another change is that she does not fall asleep during breastfeeding, but by herself when she is put to bed after the last breastfeed of the day. He is deliberately asking for the second if he considers the first to be finished.
And in the daytime, the little boy delivers a lot of fun to the family! What's most tricky is trying to emulate strange sounds. He clicks on his tongue, blurs his throat, gurgles jubilantly, and puts huge arrowheads on his head as he gazes with awe at his sight. If all of this wasn't enough, you could still dance to your music, clinging to your living room furniture and standing up, with generic pads, and clapping applauding, "tapsi-tapsi, Zaln!" Cautious looking still doesn't go, his eyes are always a little scared when pop pops up. However, you do not have to wear a foot stiffener, as you could only try to use the inward-turn foot pad before you put it on.
Attentive explorer
It was a great joy this month when Augustine brought Zalan a small yellow car from his own pocket money. Now you always hit first on this new toy when you spill the contents of your cart. The little boy's interest is drawn by the wheels, with his index finger extended, and he is carefully soiled and rotated. If you succeed in capturing it, you do not type it, but carefully scroll it as you saw it from the Apostle. Well, if they move out somewhere, they will love the new, more coveted places to visit, but they will be very happy when they get home, and all the familiar and cozy things that come around. It is also open to new tastes, current favorites: cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chicken, broccoli, and the top star in the cuisine!
Grandmother periods
Grandma is all excited when it comes to looking out for Zalan and Zanuc, as Zoli's mother calls her little cousin. Now it's just the turn, and as we can see, taking care of the obstacles, even though a tens of days of small space movement is no easy task, of course, loving relief is more. Zalan works as a feeder, shaking his head as if he doesn't ask for more, but he opens his mouth with a laugh. Of course, diapering is a great thing for the grandmother, too, because the wheelchair does not last a few minutes while the diaper changes.