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Always wash your new clothes before giving it to the baby!

Always wash your new clothes before giving it to the baby!

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Many times you have heard the advice that new clothes should be washed before they are first worn. But is it really so irrelevant or, on the contrary, completely unnecessary?

An Austrian mom, Samantha Maree Spencer he thinks it's more important than he thinks - he learned it for his own sake. The newly bought, but not washed clothes has caused a very serious allergic reaction 22 day movie, Parkernйl. "We bought him a pulver and we were convinced by the business. By the time he got home, his face was itching. things have got worse, "Spencer told residues in clothing may cause an allergic reaction Doctors said the baby was allergic to the chemicals used to treat the powder. "I've heard before that you need to wash your new clothes before you put on them, but I didn't really take this advice seriously," she said.

Chemicals in clothes?

Textiles and clothing are treated with a variety of chemicals during manufacture, for example to prevent the appearance of mildew, but can also be used for whitening or coloring, which can cause severe allergies. Phthalates (which can be used, for example, in shoes, raincoats) and alkphenols can damage the hormonal system, yes they also increase the risk of cancerlike formaldehyde.

Protect ourselves from chemicals!

  • As far as possible, natural materials should be selected, avoiding natural products. More and more textiles are also receiving biominification, but unfortunately this does not mean that they have not been exposed to compounds that can cause an allergic reaction during processing.
  • Before buying It's worth smelling your clothes: very strong, unpleasant odor products should be returned!
  • Choose clothes that are "loose-fitting" and not packed in many layers of plastic. Generally, packaged garments also need to be treated with chemicals that prevent mold. (Remember, we also do good for the environment with lingerie!)
  • Buy less but better quality clothes, these are less frequently used harmful chemicals. calmly let's look at the products we use not only because we can get quality clothes not only cheaper but also probably wash them out many times, so there is less chance of chemical residues coming into contact with our skin.
  • Always wash your clothes before you put on them!
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