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How To Avoid Facebook Depression?

How To Avoid Facebook Depression?

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We are much more inclined to be frustrated when compared to others on the basis of what we see on Facebook than when we compare flesh-to-blood comparisons - Lancaster University staff.

You ruin yourself by making a lot of Facebook

The experts studied 35,000 participants in 14 countries, ranging in age from 15 to 88 years. There are currently 1.8 billion Facebook users and one billion active users worldwide. Facebook depressziу well-known phenomenon: the American Academy of Pediatrics also deals with it. According to their definition, "adolescents and adolescents spend a significant amount of time on Facebook, and therefore often have the classic symptoms of depression." Lancester University ourselves, we are prone to disruption and to rethinking things. The more time we spend on Facebook, the better we are at blaming ourselves.The following are the things that make the problem worse:
- when we observe others and envy between us
- when the exs are among our acquaintances
- Compare ourselves with others
- We often have negative calls. These are the situations to avoid if you want to keep Facebook depressed out of the formula - the professionals are.