Llyen is pregnant with a skorpiуX. 24. - XI. 22nd

Llyen is pregnant with a skorpiуX. 24. - XI. 22nd

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The horoscope can be a variety of things, but the issue of baby acquisition is completely new. How does your zodiac influence the way you are pregnant?

As a baby, he is sensitive to the transformation in and around him, and in the light of his experience can almost completely re-interpret the world. This process can sometimes require complete peace of mind, so you may occasionally be completely distracted by the lure and refuse the kindest interest. Then he switches to cargo speed, and by means of a horsepower, he accomplishes his task by activating his environment.
It does not clean itself, but generally looks good on loads. Even if you are ill at the time of your betrayal, you will gather yourself together as soon as possible, and will be as complete as if nothing had happened. If you have any problems during your pregnancy, you can almost immediately multiply your energy by fighting to the end to reach your goal.
You may have a tendency to live life to the fullest, so being a toddler or being prepared with medical attention to anticipate events, or reassuring yourself and your baby about the last minute. It is difficult to ask for or accept help, but rather to handle everything yourself - especially if you think your child's father is not very enthusiastic about his new role. It may take a lot of perseverance to regain your confidence. Your mood, mood, water gymnastics or baby boom can be good for your mood. With perseverance and strength, you can give other pregnant women the strength to overcome their hardships.
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