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What could be a problem if only one of your blood pressure was high?

What could be a problem if only one of your blood pressure was high?

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Many people speak of high blood pressure as being 180 or 200 people. They think of the first systolic values.

What could be a problem if only one of your blood pressure was high?And dr. According to Ilona Sztancsik, Cardiologist Cardiologist, Anesthesiologist, Intensive Therapist, the rise in second diastolic values ​​can also be a problem.

Grades and varieties of high blood pressure

Generally, a systolic blood pressure value of between 100 and 140 mmHg, and a diastolic value of between 60 and 90 mmHg, may be considered normal. If the values ​​are below this, we may talk about low blood pressure, or hypotension, if the values ​​are above 140/90 mmHg, we may suspect high blood pressure, or hypertension. This latter definition, however, is usually too, since according to the professional guidelines of the Hungarian Hypertonia Society, hypertension is grades and varieties beszйlhetьnk. (The first numbers in the list below are systolic, the second numbers refer to diastolic blood pressure, and are in mmHg.)Optimal Blood Pressure: <120 and <80
Normal blood pressure: <130 and <85
High Normal Blood Pressure: 130-139 or 85-89
Grade I mild hypertension: 140-159 or 90-99
Within this subgroup - borderline hypertension: 140-149 or 90-94
II. Grade moderate hypertension: 160-179 or 100-109
III. grade severe hypertension:> = 180 or> = 110

If only one of the writers is tall

The above list can be supplemented by two additional lines:
Isolated systolic hypertension:> = 140 and <90
Within this subgroup, the thresholds are isolated systolic hypertension: 140-149 and <90The isolated systolic hypertension means that only the first values ​​are of high quality - as is often observed in the elderly and patients with severe dementia. This phenomenon is much less common in younger children and, in many cases, it is due to increased sympathetic nervous system activity, simply untreated stress. the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, such as in individuals with normal blood pressure, especially in women.In another, diastolic values ​​are higher than normal, which is also more difficult. Because of its rarer incidence, it was not considered a particularly dangerous problem, but it has now been shown to pose the risk of the same diseases as isolated systolic hypertension, and even in terms of stroke.

Individual targets should be defined

According to Dr. Staniski, even if we repeatedly think that our blood pressure is high, it would be very important to examine it however, the examination does not solely include blood tests, laboratory tests, 24-hour blood tests, has some kind of subsequent problem - says dr. Ilona Sztancsik, Cardiologist, Cardiologist, Anesthesiologist, Intensive Therapist.- Treating for the correct diagnosis will bring you lasting, good results if the goals are always determined by the individual. These values, as well as any prescription and, ideally, life-style measures, should be reviewed regularly and corrected as necessary to prevent them.Related articles in High Blood Pressure:
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