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Who can use the flask?

Who can use the flask?

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Many things have happened in the flask over the past period, but statements show that the most basic questions are not clear to those who post their opinions.

Who can use the flask?

The Hungarian Nation also published a comprehensive report on the flask program, its mechanism and ethical questions. Many have made statements in the past that they have not even been clear on the most basic requests. And Arrуl has had very little idea of ​​exactly what the intervention means. Those who come up with a number of requests for a flask program are just one of the fate of the embryo. The most important question is what method is needed, what is in the background of infertility, and which method is needed. they also have different opinions about them, ”he told the Hungarian Nation Bernard Artъr born in Nabe, a scientific director of the Cable Institute. One of the methods is insemination: artificial insemination with either spermatozoa or life cells or donated spermatozoa. The other is the flask procedure: fertilization outside the body, then embryo insertion. Currently, health insurance pays 5 times, and the state finances six thousand times a year. This is planned to be increased by 10 percent. But this is not necessarily a big step forward, because if the number of handlers reaches the upper limit, couples have to wait for the decisive factor of the time to be intervened. According to the 200,000 house bridges, the barrage. They are the ones who can only have children with medical help. There are many things that can explain why infertility has grown so much: going from childhood to old age; , treating a child as a disease, and considering childhood as the most appropriate and morally most acceptable, such interventions can be perceived as helping. But this must be based on personal persuasion, ”he told the Hungarian Nation Oberfrank Ferenc bioethicist, director of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Institute for Research. There are many aspects to consider, how certain religions, cultures view these methods, what the legal background is, and how the procedure affects the life of the marital partner. For this reason, it is not very worthwhile for older parties to try. After three unsuccessful attempts, young people also consider the flask procedure to be justified. With the donation of hormone cells, such interventions have not yet taken place, and the number is typically reduced everywhere. The reason is that the Бllami Nйpegйszsйgьgyi йs Medical Officer Szolgбlat 2015 nyarбn prohibited kьlfцldi donor sperm hasznбlatбt, domestic mintбbуl is not elйg, because few people appear donor of beavatkozбst zцmmel egyedьlбllу nхk igйnylik.Pбroknбl the inszeminбciу sorбn stimulate tьszхйrйst elхzetesen and mыvi vйgeznek elхkezelt spermбval megtermйkenyнtйst . The number of twin pregnancies increases with this procedure.The insomnia is a more effective method for the flask: ie, extracorporeal fertilization. It is estimated that birthers in the fetus program have a birth rate of 2.5%. he also has unsuccessful, severe endometriosis, the female member of the couple is over 40 years old, and ovaries have not been shown to function properly. The reason is also that women want a single child. As the age progresses, the success rate of the method is significantly reduced: after 35 years of embryo replacement, the probability of pregnancy is approximately 45 percent, while at 40 years of age only 10-15 percent. Under the age of forty, the law does not allow such treatment to begin. The procedure begins with giving hormone-depleting pills or injections to stimulate one kind of egg rather than one. This stimulation lasts until the follicles mature. Under anesthesia, the oocytes are harvested, the oocytes are placed in culture medium and placed in an incubator. Fertilization is delayed by 4-5 hours with the produced sperm. Fertilized and split primes, up to a maximum of 4, are placed in the uterus after 2-6 days, across the cervix. Reproductive embryos decide on the number of prospective fetuses. If fertilization of the reproductive cells or embryo adherence becomes difficult, then additional methods are used, such as sperm injection, such as sperm. Assisted hatching can be a necessity for non-marital hardship: the outer embryo of the embryo sheds a tiny sting, which aids in germination. The embryo does not suffer from any genetic or physical damage, but increases the risk of same twin pregnancy. Germ cells are basically derived from a partner, but can also be donated to donated eggs. Domestic legislation provides only for anonymous sperm donation. Ovarian cell donation may occur if the ovaries are not functioning properly. Donor oocytes may be needed even if the fertilization of the flask was repeatedly unsuccessful and the reason was an oocyte. This method can also be used in cases of genetic illness such as family disease. Ovum donation can also be non-anonymous: a close relative of the expectant mother can be a donor. side cousin, sibling pair, the direct cousin, and your egg may be offered anonymously anyway, but only for the institution and not for the specific person. This can happen if the couple has a problem with each member that precludes them from having a healthy embryo. Embryos can only be donated anonymously, and donations can only be made to couples who have been treated with a bear. This is only true if the woman is 35 years old and the male is not suffering from a spermatogenesis disorder that may indicate a genetic problem. So it is risky to get only embryos from a couple who have had problems with their childhood, so very few people have this opportunity and the number of offers is very small. Not to mention ethical concerns.Freezing on hematopoietic cells and the embryo is possible: you can save the first one in 196 degrees Nitrogen for more years you want to use it for a smaller purpose (eg before treating a tumor or because of severe endometriosis). This avoids having to repeat all the elements of the procedure (eg stimulation). Embryos can also be frozen for their own use only if they are intended for medical research and can only be used anonymously. If they are not demanded and do not want to recommend them, they are raised out of the liquid nitrogen and then thawed out. " Others, however, dispute the status of this condition, saying that this name was invented only to conceal that in this case, too, it is about a living person, says Ferfr Oberfrank. and they are killed by freezing or nutrients.Related articles:
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