If the relationship is old, is it always a loss? Not necessarily!

If the relationship is old, is it always a loss? Not necessarily!

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Many couples living together experience that the old fire goes out over time, and they don't want each other as they did in the beginning. But according to experts, there is no need to delve into this;

If the relationship is old, is it always a loss? Not necessarily!

As soon as you participate in the research Gurit Birnbaum, an Israeli Interdisciplinary Center professor of psychology, said couples who are sensitive to one another's things and their thoughts outside the bedroom also have the ability to how sensitive they feel to their flesh Birbabaum added that sensitivity is also extremely important in a relationship because it helps us understand what our couple is looking for and what is good for them. This is what makes the relationship really unique, because knowing that I really know what my couple needs is reinforcing the sense of belonging.At the same time, that the more you know a couple, and the more intimate they are, the less your sexual desire will be. Birnbaum йs munkatбrsai this kйrdйst kнvбntбk kцrbejбrni, elvйgeztek tцbb kнsйrletet is this йrdekйben that kцzьl kйrtek 100 pбrt the elsхben up to six hйten бt introduce naplуt egyrйszt sajбt sexually-orientated igйnyeikrхl, mбsrйszt arrуl to how this lбtjбk pбrjuk йrzйkenysйgi fokбt, йs how йrzik The results showed that the subjects who considered their pair sensitive, they also made themselves feel specialand the others were seen as valuable and capable of arousing their sexual desire. It was also more important for women, how important it was for their couple it can best sustain the fire and the passion.


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