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Why doesn't the little one come? First steps in the investigation

Why doesn't the little one come? First steps in the investigation

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There are many reasons why a new baby may be needed. We'll show you how to investigate, get to know the first steps!

If you only think for a couple of minutes, you are almost sure to list at least ten causes that are responsible for the child abuse involved. Segнtsek? Delayed childhood age, the effects of hormonal conception, the consequences of abortions on men, smoking, narrow body weight, environmental pollution, one-sided nutrition. Of course, a couple of the above-mentioned harms can easily fall apart for the baby. Because, of course, the notion that "one who has a soft and ovary can become pregnant" is also valid. But there are couples where there is only one reason, or none at all, and it takes many more years for the baby to be conceived with the help of professionals, interventions, and medicines. The hormonal system, the functioning of the genitals and the conception itself are incredibly complicated. Nature strives to assure you of your last pass. If there seems to be a malfunction in the machine (the genes, the maternal body, the environment), the head is easily retreated. Today, we are no longer living under natural circumstances. Our hormonal system may also consider dietary lean diets to be starving. And she wouldn't let her give birth to a baby. And this is just one example among many…

Find a specialist!

From the above, you may feel that there is no simple matter for anyone who wants to help a bear couple.
- The exam team is 40% different from the female, 40% from the male, 20% from both of them - says Dr. Fülöp Istvn, Head of the Ruhbert Kбroly Private Clinic Meddish Center - With today's medical options, it is a mistake to simply put a single prescription in your hand to select it, take it, and have your baby. Unfortunately, I do not receive a letter to my internet advisory site that reveals that a generic one based on two examinations "manages" the bear pair for years without success. Fighting for many years is a serious mental burden and also reduces the chance of getting pregnant, as the biological lord is ticking. Unfortunately, few people understand that this is a specialty, with the problem of infertility going to the best infertility center. Just as you are well-equipped with a valuable car in a workshop, not to the dear master around the corner…


Each infant center has a certain basic examination protocol, which defines when and what examinations are to be performed at the center.
- We do six weeks of basic exams. This will give you a complete picture of how to proceed with the treatment. If one looks like six weeks is a lot, the explanation is: we need to check hormone levels at several points in the female cycle, and more time-consuming bacterial growth and blood tests are included in the protocol. At the first meeting, we discuss the details in detail, and if there are other findings from the institution, we also revise them. The schedule of the necessary examinations will then be discussed.

They are looking for deaf ears

It all starts with a traditional pituitary examination, which is done with a vaginal ultrasound examination. Your doctor will ask you for the condition of your uterus, larynx, cervix, look for bacteria, virus, and remove the tissue sample for cervical cancer. They also request a urine sample for screening for infections in the urine. Infection of the internal and external genital organs, even when asymptomatic, delays conception. There are several bleeding events. The third and twenty-first days of the cycle measure hormone levels to determine if there is ovulation and to prevent other hormonal problems. It can also be inferred from the presence of different viruses from the blood, or from past illnesses. Similarly, the examination of the male begins, and he passes the blood and urine tests, but they also produce breeding, and seek the cure. Of course, a spermiogram is also prepared: the number, shape and mobility of the sperm are examined.

In what shape?

It is absolutely necessary to examine the anatomical conditions: what is the state of the bee, the fallopian tubes, whether there is something else, polyps, gnomes. They cannot be glided over. Today's surgical technology allows a doctor to "correct" the procedure with a simple procedure, but unfortunately, it is not available to all surgeons. There are several methods for testing bees and fallopian tubes. Munich mirroring is the most effective, most accurate. This involves introducing a small probe into the stomach, into which a glass fiber light source and a camera can be inserted.
"When I do this test, I come to another world," says Dr. Füll. - It's like looking into an aquarium, everything is clear. Hysteroscopy examinations may also reveal changes that would never have been detected by other devices. If I find an occlusion or other abnormality, I can use the probe-guided tools to perform the operation immediately. Testing is also a therapy therapy.

Men's stuff

From the blood, urine and semen tests, the andrology examines the genitals. Again, inflammation, blockage may occur, but testicular disease is not uncommon, which can reduce the capacity for product loss. Based on the findings, your doctor may recommend taking hormone, trace element, or vitamin supplements, or having surgery.
- The majority of men feel confused about the examinations, and the doctor agrees. - But, unfortunately, this is impossible: forty percent of the cases are worn by men, and by almost every other person. We cannot afford to ... We know that a great deal of discretion is needed in this situation, and we try to create it. Fortunately, today we can expect success in situations that are not too hopeless. If only one hormone cell is recovered with the help of a testicular biopsy, it can be implanted into the egg and the baby can finally be born. Of course, this is probably the most difficult case. There are much simpler solutions as well, the tuner is always tuned to the pair.
We appreciate it if you are curious about the rest, as here we have just presented the "investigation" of this exciting, difficult but still wonderfully fulfilling story. You can read more about this in this article.
Szaktanбcsadуnk Dr. Fülöp Istvn Medvedic and Endoscopic Specialist, Head of the Medbury Center at Roberts Kбroly Magazine