Double bump, double bump

Double bump, double bump

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Many moms would like to have their twins born. They think they can carry two pregnant children. Others are scared. They are afraid: they would not have enough energy for the little ones, they could give less to the babies.

Double bump, double bump

If a baby arrives alone, it will only be a problem for her baby to have a baby. If the parent is single, then the larger one accepts the little brother.

The other ones are always there

However, twins always have the other, so the little ones have no time to slowly and gradually get used to a situation where the mother is reluctant to pay attention to another child with the same intensity. It is not possible to purify, feed, recruit, and so on at the same time. To the mother at almost every moment you need to decide who you want to start with, you have to try to be fair and give the same amount to each of your children. Let's face it, this is no easy task. The mother of twins is usually able to make a difference between her children from the beginning. How you use this knowledge in the future is extremely important. The biggest problem is when the mother does not pay attention to the little differences between the children and does not try to treat her twins as two independent people with their own personalities.

Like, different people

Fortunately, mothers treat their twins with a rush, as it is also important for them to navigate more easily. Just imagine it, feed one of the babies who can already sleep, turn away for a moment, and the little ones change places. Then again he feeds the same child. It is almost unimaginable that a little care can reverse this. Once the mother has noticed the differences, it is best to keep treating them appropriately. For example, if one of you is more impatient, you can pick up and feed first than the other child. Or, if you find that one of the children is more easily asleep in the light and the other likes the dark, sleep them out. It is not necessary that you always behave the same way with them, just because they are two.

We are personal

It is very important for children to feel, to know that there is someone - their own mother - who has no difficulty at all able to distinguish between them. After all, we will really feel, know, and learn that they are different personalities, not the same as the other. Of course, not only do twin couples have a serious task in finding their identity (self), the other is always therewho looks back as if they were mirrors.If the environment behaves as if they are identical - and not just similar - easily disrupts their evolving identity.It is not necessary, for example, to transfer them to the same outfit, although it is definitely a hilarious thing, but it is more useful for children to feel that their clothes are not the same. If not, but at least the colors are different.

Poros isolation

Observed if the twin couple is permanently together and does not meet other children, elszigetelхdйs can develop. This means that they create a special kind of communication with each other, a language that others do not understand. They use hidden language, which also insulates them from other sources, and can therefore miss out on their peers in similar speech development. However, if the parent supports the hidden language or he is trying to learn. Luckily, especially looking to the future, if we speak the grammatically correct words of the Hungarian language and help them learn this too.

Full life

The question arises as to how much the twins cling to each other. It is certain that they are accustomed to one another's steady company, common games and everything else, but that does not mean that this attachment will be born to one's life. How about another one who is almost like me (in particular). No problem, it will die and the feeling of love will come back, but they need to be left alone from time to time to survive alone without their twins. they will have to solve without their presence in order to live a full life.
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