The prematurely born department is reviving at the birthplace of the Honored College

The prematurely born department is reviving at the birthplace of the Honored College

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The hospital succeeded in solving labor and labor problems, and on January 7, the PIC in Hong Kong reopened with 14 incubators.

On the one hand, we have succeeded in raising the bars to the appropriate level (on the other hand), they will receive a special leather bar, and furthermore, will encourage the watchdog. People were hired over these to fill the level needed to function - reads which Budapest is in great need of.The PIC section in Honwad's birthplace is up and running

December 16th уta бllt a PIC

By the end of November, the PIC was announced that the PIC was in trouble, and probably close. The cause of the situation at the end of 2018 was that 7 neonatologists were lost at the same time. There were some who were for family reasons, some who went on parental leave. However, the professionals who stayed there did not take much care to reduce capacity depletion. And since there is a pre-existing neonatological minimum, which is a basic prerequisite for ward functioning, the management of the hospital, in agreement with the State Secretariat for Health, and after consultation. During this period, premature babies were directed to János Kourbaz and SOTЙ.


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