Having a motherly situation of 7 peopleAfter all we have become a little bit different

Having a motherly situation of 7 peopleAfter all we have become a little bit different

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Nobody said it was going to be light - I hear it in the current mood when I don't have a rust and try not to take it because I know it is not about teaching, but it is realistic.

It is sometimes not easy to be a mother

Motherhood is transforming, especially in difficult moments. I usually compare this whole parenting education to some elemental power, when you are just asked what all I have changed since having a little boy with the words "his mother's name" in his papers. big (blue) IFAs, as you know, sometimes break down my daily routine, try to break basic bad habits, help me overcome old bad habits, anxiety and publicly generate. And what are the most difficult moments? Everyone has a different answer, but there are gemstones that come up in almost all of us in such variations.


… It teaches you how to be helpless and humble for a lifetimeFor example, when you find out that you are pregnant and have a lot of bleeding right at the beginning, you need to lie down throughout your pregnancy. No off, no in, no work, no frantic, active preparation, just staying on your butt. Then you think about what you have bought, what your fate has set you. Likewise, if you find out you have to keep a strict diet, poring it in the pharmacy balance for 9 months is what you eat.… It gives you the pain of physical painBirthing can be dirty, yelling, cracking, cropping, sewing. And then you holy believe for a few seconds that nothing can bother you betterthat you are not going to get killed there anymore. That can make it even easier for a boiler.… Helps me learn vegetation without sleepNight sleep can bring you the darkness, your worst side, your frustrations, your unmanageable day, and nobody has a word for you. You get everything in those weeks from fatigue, from childhood to maybe a fraction of a second, your stomach collapses, you won't believe if you are comforted by this once it's really over in this form.… Makes you think about your relationship again / againWhen the baby is just falling asleep, have you overcome the motherly thoughts that your body is not only small, now can your father come? When everything claps, you find time for intimate moments, you are just immersed, but your child wakes up with a great sigh. You stay, you can't let go, you snooze, you get frustrated. Dad was also tense. That's it is not like a ruse, to think together, to think, to give each other a chance - challenging but inspiring.… Facing what is.You see your body in the mirror and you can't make friends with butterfly, open skin, skinny breasts, buttocks. You have to make the most out of it. Will you be able to accept, even fight the right one for you, or even Change your life, which so far has brought nothing to it. But now here's your child who may be worthwhile.… She realized that you had no power over everything.Your child is flabbergasted, nothing takes away the heat, sobbing in the cold bath, even you are sick, you hardly pull yourself you are guarding the town hall a little crouching a little, because you don't get a room, a bed next to the dripper you do whatever you heal. If you could, you would lie there with the infusion, take all the medicine instead, nasal swabs, with double heart rate, just not the little one. But there is a place where you have the science and you just have to accept the situation quietly.… Helping you to believe that you are more than capable of whiskey.Because at one time on a thousand fronts you have to accept it and nobody asks if you want life situations to come to them. Tooth clenched can carry a baby or baby, carry a small motor underneath your sleeve, get in the middle, and answer a falling phone call with a whining baby. Put your hand to your heart: How many times have you heard the request "How do you do this?" And, well, you've done it, you've done it, maybe the closest you can even one level higher. , more accepted people.Related articles in Maternity:
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