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It also depends on the abbot how lonely the child will be

It also depends on the abbot how lonely the child will be

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Nobody doubts the power of friendship, but the foundation of close relationships is long overdue: the bond and love between the father and the child are determined in the later life.

Children who experienced paternal rejection were also much more anxious and lonely in social relationships than those who had a loving and strong relationship with their father, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Youth and Adolescence. Surprisingly, this was not true for those who had a cooler relationship with their mother.For children, a strong relationship with the father is important "Dad's rejection affects teenagers much more strongly, and our research results suggest that these kids are much more anxious about social situations, and they have the sadder consequence of being" Hio Wa Mak, author of the research lead. Earlier research has proven that adolescents who have lived and had a healthy social life have been healthier from a psychological point of view, even those who have had to have poorer, worse friends. "For teenagers, it is extremely important that they make strong friends. These relationships help them to survive on their own individuality, to discover their identity, and to have an independent world," he said. Gregory Fosco, a developmental psychologist, a professor involved in research.
The study involved 687 families - father, mother and teenage children. Three times, the family members were asked about each year for the most part. Parents are more than happy about how much they are being comforted and indulged in by the children, while the children are being arrogant, lonely and social. Analyzing the responses received, I found that the more disapproved the father is, the more difficult it is for the child to develop confidential friendships and become lonelier. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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