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What do I play with it to be smart?

What do I play with it to be smart?

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By no means do you put knowledge into your head. It's best if you let him try it out for you - this is the best game for him. And the best way to improve!

Provide proper conditions for the baby to play with

Tips: small things that count a lot

    • Restrain yourself! You don't want to give him the plush that you give him? Do nothing instead, as you will lose the reward of activity. THE he learns through trials!

    • Let her watch you! If you can see a baby or a camper when you're ironing, feeding or gymnastics, you will get it in your tongue. Smile on it, kiss her, give her a couple of dates, or just sing in the middle.

    • Get off your side every day when you put it down on the blanket. Follow the development: do what he does. Perform a foot-lift, line up your games, or crumple a textile ball for him. It helps you in your movement and value development by seeing your own movement as if you were looking in the mirror.

  • Backtracking distracts little attention and is still unable to process knowledge. This is so frustrating unused time, when it is not really smart, in fact, the stresses it exerts on its perception can adversely affect perception.

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