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My family and yoga have helped me in my spiritual recovery

My family and yoga have helped me in my spiritual recovery

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Reni's son became two-year-old, and he went to work again. This guy is an excellent choice to look back on pregnancy, childbirth, and everything else that has settled in him. It didn't just start.

"I was really prepared for everything, including Armageddon, so the birth was not as big as the one I made in the body and the soul. - remembers laughing Reni, who had a baby born in a capital city hospital in the fall of 2016, with a cut without any incidents. She became the centerpiece of her birth: she says she was not originally intended to be a father, but afterwards she does not understand that she was able to make her whole life. - Yoga helped her baby tune up: She quit teaching for five months and then got pregnant on her own. "I strongly believed that it would help, not only physically, but mentally," he says.

Sad, sad, sleeplessness, fears

As we talk to yoga instructive mothers, after recalling the heart, the baby is slow to rush to the other senses and memories of the postpartum period. "At the beginning, I was very painful in my shoulder, and I didn't dare to look. I just stood in the bath, my brother helped me to wash, and I just cried about how well I was being served. "he recalls, and adds, all of these did not help with the brutal insomnia that made him so punished that he often didn't dare to sleep because he was afraid to fall asleep. "It is as if my life task is to deal with the fear of losing something. And it is really surprising that after a trouble-free pregnancy and childbirth, I was afraid of what to do if I lost my baby. In the first couple of weeks, I didn't move her breast, even when she was asleep. that you can't always live in fear because it is very exhausting, "he recalls.

Psychofitness Mom: Yoga

The mother was fortunate enough to be able to call her own, well-used tool for recovery, right under her baby. "Yoga has been able to help me gain strength slowly after birth, to find myself in my body again. Not only on the body level, in the body! and after six weeks, I tried to make it regular again. With my son, at 5 months old, we went to baby-mom regularly, which gave birth to me, not just ruthlessly. to move "- he tells.There is a need for help in the post-natal period

The Supporting Family, Women Solidarity, Virtual Communities

Reni admits that the power and role of the family is also indisputable in helping a mother get the most out of her baby's challenges by, of course, learning how to ask for and accept help. He was lucky: he received a lot of support and feedback from his brother and his extended family. It was also important to always know who to turn to if you fell in love or whatever your question was: letting the world go pro and vice versa in desperate requests for breastfeeding or medication, has wiped out those whose opinions and experiences. He talked a lot in the world with his like-minded mother-in-law, the friends who kept his soul in him. "Femininity, which I never believed in, just blossomed into my life after birth, on many fronts. It was a surprise to me. energy is there. I'm sorry to have experienced that I'm not alone. "


If you could spin the wheel of time, and do it in a nutshell, but there is no way to skip that time, the experience should be "surprised" at least. "If I could start again, I'd rather enjoy the first few months: the big sleeps of being at home. For others, I would also briefly say that the most important thing is being open, accepting our own baby, knowing what to do with our baby. and let it develop in the way that it wants to. As women do, things will get better. One thing, because we are adapting, they are constantly changing, often having a problem one day and the next? and now what do I realize? I get used to waking up, and I wonder when it became so big, how we got through it. we laugh at her little funny, cute stuff, she's had a lot of nicknames since she was little, she always gives me something to fool around, and now she says s: mom loves it and wraps it around my neck, I know where it is right now. And I think we've calmed down, become a real family, maybe a little more responsible in our thinking.?More articles on regeneration: