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Esther's Diary - The First WeeksThe Last Post of the First Weeks

Esther's Diary - The First WeeksThe Last Post of the First Weeks

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I already know this post, so the day after the birth. This is important because a lot of things settled in me by July 24th. What I felt then could not have been written down literally.

Photo: Path Dбniel


Actually, I know today that Brown's birth gave me a purple blanket in the days that followed, and for three weeks I was blighted. It was the second best of all. Because the first one is that the baby was being depressed. So right after I pushed the baby in front of me on my two legs after birth, I shuffled down the corridor of the hospital, into my room, slept on the bed, hauled my little test car, stuffed with Barn, . Let's start there to do this for me Nobody said! How it is. How can I not sleep from being shy, I just see, I see, I see him sleeping, how small he has caught me, like an Eskimo, what shape of a hand, has his fingers, woof, cute? How my mind stinks, just as it stops in love Man. I have no other thought but х. But this is much better with love too, because Barni doesn't have to text, don't worry about loving, disliking, calling, liking. No doubt, this guy will be here for me because he is mine, ours. The sensation, when I received something very desirable in my childhood, was eager to get up and see it again. So it was the first couple of weeks, intense happiness. Barni had never cried, so she had all slept in my little glass car next to my bed in the townhouse. As soon as she opened her eyes or opened her, I grabbed her hand or stroked it so she wouldn't feel alone. The first day he was still in a sluggish car, and then we slept so much that I grabbed my hands on the shark, and the next day I laid on the bed beside myself and just took photos and wound up.


I think I forgot to write in the diaries that my milk had been sniffing since the seventh month. At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but then the spots on my pool convinced me. I had my breast burst in the morning after birth, and all I knew was that I had to learn all about breastfeeding as soon as possible. I obviously read a lot before that to prepare for what I was expecting, but this bi-biological push-up can be really exciting. I also feel stressed, so I can only advise everyone to come up to the baby's neck first and ask what to do because it will end up with breast inflammation. I almost had, even though Brown had eaten 60 milliliters in the first day in ten minutes, and I thought they don't taste it my milk (today I know, there is none!). Everyone was crying out to breastfeeding for up to hours, and he did it in ten minutes, his eyes widened, and he was exhausted. Only weighing convinced me that he was eating properly. The milk in my breast was peeled off by the electric breastplate in the nursery, and the lumps (my body produced more milk than the baby could eat) were massaged by a young baboon at two o'clock in the morning. From that moment on, I'm a Risk. Now, I know there are two types of breastfeeding: breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding. The former is a completely new paradigm, a tool of nutrition, of keeping alive. Point.
So breastfeeding was a smooth thing for us, and it has stayed to this day. To ask, to ask, to ask a lot and everything! We have to go home from the church so that we are not afraid of bailiffs, bathers, diapers ... Nothing. Because we need to learn everything first best we can take care of the baby.

Other weird things

Uh, that cut ... I felt it a lot. It was horrendous in the first few days, but what I never want to do again is crying after the swallowed water…
What helped: showering several times a day (it always made me new to me anyway), Ergam drops, and homeopathic Staphysagria berry. By the way, Doctor Fabbi is sewing very nicely. My stomach in the first few days was a scary state like a downed rubber ball, I was desperate to not be the next Shaki, but it became smaller day by day, so it was just a temporary fright. Breastfeeding bra for me absolutely scared, uncomfortable, ugly, does not hold, I do not wear it, but you (and not milk paste!) sportmelltartуk.


Going home is super cool even if you don't hate being in the hospital. The first homecoming was memorable because he was we were threeas we imagined so many times in the nine months. Of course, Barni slept until the end, and even at home, he only spent weeks sleeping, so I had plenty of time for everything. Of course, at that time, he woke up (also) at night, but when one is in love, nothing is wrong! I think it was good that I was born in summer, all sunshine and triviality. After three weeks we were taken to Barn for a walk, we were taken to Lake Balaton for a few weeks (he slept there first and foremost), of course we were only at peace, in threesome, and of course we didn't take it for a day. But then I was already in Balchi, it helped me, it made me horrible. Everything with care and caution. It is important to note that I have not been pushed aside since the birth, that mom, adios, welcome Barni, but grandparents and Giza have carefully listened to all my words and segнtettekwhere they could. Of course, everyone had to tune in with the baby, and with me, it was often a patience, but it is worth it because it can be easy to become depressed, desperate, lonely or frustrated. I can understand those mothers too, I believe it's easy to slip in, so it's important that somebody listens to us at this time. It is a lifetime of baby dolling Self-knowledge beginning.
Since that month has passed and we are still completely there, Giza is not only a perfect diaper, but she knows everything about Barni, whenever I can explain what, where and how. Your baby's birth has been balanced, sleeping, smiling, agile, and a keen baby. We are lucky and we are lucky.
Then I say goodbye, thank you vйgigkнsйrtйtek my pregnancy, my physical and psychological changes and everything, the many corpses and letters I received from you. All I can do is reassure everyone that if they don't have dinner, here's my example that I was in the egg, and now I'm starting to have Barni here anytime. All the nooks and crannies, the kid is the meaning of life. More complicated is a simple thing. Just do it.