Smartphone dependency may cause popping up

Smartphone dependency may cause popping up

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They will be poppy, meaning the neck and backbone of the kids who spend more than a day in front of their smartphones or other monitors, according to an Austrian spine specialist.

The phone has a pinching effect on the spine

Even at the age of six, an unhealthy backbone develops, telefonnyaknak call. The increase in the number of cases calls attention to the magnitude of the danger - he said James Carter New South Wales Welsh Specialist for Daily Mail Australia. Contrary to normal spinal curvature, they develop a pope, which often causes head, neck, shoulders and back pain"- explained the expert. He added that every other patient he or she is experiencing this problem is a child or a teenager. for anxiety and depression can also lead - quoted by The Daily Telegraph's online publication. Do not use your laptops or lying down or lying down or raising the monitors to eye level.Related Articles:
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