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Abdominal discomfort may also indicate cervical discomfort

Abdominal discomfort may also indicate cervical discomfort

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This week is the European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which we will conduct an interview with dr. Balnzs Hernabdi, the Feminine Center of the Infant Center, talked about cervical cancer, its screening and prevention.

Abdominal discomfort may also indicate cervical discomfortI have arrуl stats that approx. how does cervix grow in Hungary?
Termйszetesen. Its incidence is increasing. According to the National Cancer Registry, 2317 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in 2016, affecting more than 2,500 women.If the disease (or its pre-existing condition) is recognized in time, what is the probability of complete healing?
Different screening methods can help to highlight asymptomatic, timely findings by increasing the effectiveness and emphasizing the importance of the request. Most importantly, the girls / women are aware of these opportunities and live with them. Your email status should be handled in accordance with appropriate protocols, avoiding further transmission. It can take up to 15 years for the cancer to develop without the slightest symptom. There are several options for curing early stage cervical cancer, but these are already radical intervention (s).How old do you recommend regular cervical screening?
After the age of 18, I recommend over 20 years. Generally, patients first enter the first sex test after sexual intercourse. Today, the cervical cancer screening is performed annually, based on current cytology-based screening.What experience do young people have to adhere to? Or do older age group members take regular screening seriously?
Health awareness is very important, it varies, but it does not necessarily increase with age. It is important for women to be aware of and prevent their illnesses. That's the key. Anyone who does not apply for a screening exam because of "no harm" cannot help. Also check the regularity of puppy examinations. For example, giving birth control pills to age-related cancer.Does the cytology test always include an HPV filter?
No. Currently, we do not generally use HPV-based filtration in our country. In practice, it is only needed in case of cytolysis or when the presence of the virus is suspected. I'm confident that we will be revisiting this more efficient method of screening, says dr. Balnzs of Hernabdi, the center of the Church of the Blacksmith.If someone is diagnosed with HPV, will it in any case lead to cancer when left untreated?
Not at all. Thanks to our immune system, it disappears most of the time. There are only a few types among the HPV virus strain members. high risks (HR-HPV) may be associated with the disease.What are the signs of cervix? Can you cause complaints at an early stage?
Unfortunately, often, early signs are not warning or poor, especially at an early stage. Occasionally, spotting, so-called vaginal bleeding, steady vaginal discharge, lower abdominal discomfort may be warning signs, but in many cases no warning signs. They are more pronounced with more advanced processes, with an increase in tumor size. And many times, pain is still not there.What are your experiences with using HPV protection? Do you usually get used to it?
Irrespective of age, we recommend vaccination until age 65 and up to 12 years. In my experience, there is a growing need for high-cost vaccines with limited power. The mandatory vaccine vaccine against HPV since 2014 has resulted in a vaccination rate of 80%, which is very good. On the other hand, it also means that 1/5 of the parents did not claim to be a childless child. It is important to know that vaccination has a value in the case of a virus infection, or at a later age, and is the most common cause of a recent local skin reaction that usually results in vaccinations.If someone has received HPV protection, is it worthwhile to go for cancer?
To date, 99.7% of cervical cancer is caused by Humán Papillum Vurnus (HPV). International studies have proven the effectiveness of vaccination. However, vaccines are resistant to HRV types 2, 4, or 9 (16 and 18 are the most common, all included), but are less common and unknown in their role in the development of the disease. So the only danger I have against vaccination against HPV is if someone doesn't go for cure after the application.Related articles in cervical topics:
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