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27 things your pregnancy will miss

27 things your pregnancy will miss

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"Enjoy the way," confess the magicians. This good advice is just as much about getting pregnant in 40 weeks as you are in any other life situation. Expectancy is a wonderful time despite the hardships, so enjoy it for as long as it flies by.

27 Things Your Pregnancy Will Miss: iStockWe do not pretend that everything is pink during pregnancy, hormonal changes, mental fluctuations, body transformation all this time. But for now, let's help you focus on the positives that make it really worth enjoying these 9 months. Here are 27 of the best things about being pregnant, which will probably diminish soon:

1. Traffic is guaranteed, wherever you are on the street.

2. Whenever people look at your stomach, you can't stop their mouths from smirking like a baby's sheer thought of the day.

3. You need increased calorie intake from the second trimester, so it's time to refill your diet with delicacies.

4. Pay attention to your body's signs, and generally you need the nutrients you are seeking for, which is worth giving space to.

5. Not only is Duluth's holiday allowed, it's a must.

6. You can name a human being.

7. You can experience it as your husband thinks he is daddy: giving a tummy tuck to your stomach, reading a tiny baby all over your tummy, or just trying to get your baby assembled.

8. During pregnancy, sex is the most enjoyable thing: you don't have to be afraid of getting pregnant, and you don't have to worry about getting pregnant right now. Both are ticked. You just have to focus on the enjoyment.

9. During pregnancy, much more intense and savage dreams, utterly unpredictable people and activities can occur. There is no need to analyze it, just kill it all.

10. Breastfeeding is a wonderful sensation, full of excitement, especially when it comes to baby birth. As if you were looking for all your Christmas at once in your life.

11. You can change the future, the family life.

12. Bigger personal space.

13. Pregnancy encourages greater awareness, giving women the opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle. Exercise well, exercise a lot, and keep this good practice in your life.

14. In a boring workplace meeting or in the midst of an unfamiliar debate, you can feel your baby move in your stomach, making it worthwhile again in the world.

15. You can hear the baby's heartbeat as it beats inside your body.

16. You can play "what part of your body does it play with" when the big night movement starts.

17. The extra attention is fantastic. Many times you are interested in your life, you get a lot of aerobic massage and people are more attentive to you on the streets.

18. Pregnancy has a very beautiful effect on the skin: thick, silky hair, long, strong rubs, beautiful skin, big breasts.

19. You don't have to bring your stomach after the big lunch or dinner. Of course, this is not a worthwhile exercise, as extreme weight gain during pregnancy should definitely be avoided.

20. In public toilets, they immediately get to the top of the line.

21. You can buy fabulous items: tiny clothes, great decorations, and cool furniture.

22. You can dream of having a baby for the first time in your life.

23. At a baby-friendly party, the baby brings together family and friends.

24. You can let go of performance. "What did I do today? I'm carrying a child in my stomach!"

25. You can finally find your favorite old-fashioned storybooks.

26. You can use your pregnancy properly. Are you just moving and moving? Forgot where you parked? Can you walk slowly, cursively? Well, of course you're pregnant! What once seems to be unacceptable behavior is now more affordable.

27. You know in advance that unpleasant things - nausea, stomach ache, swollen ankles, backache and more - do not last. And he really does.