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Ideas for 6-12 month old babies

Ideas for 6-12 month old babies

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There are only a few weeks until Christmas, so you shouldn't turn it on if you don't have the kids' recommendation. Here's a little help on what to choose for under 1 year olds!

Ideas for 6-12 month old babies

Baby swing

You can use it from birth, but you will probably enjoy it by half a year, if you have a place in the house where you can hang out, or just watch the little one for 15 minutes. there is a kid and a rug. Baby swing improves coordination, balance, strengthens the feet, and, by the way, calms down and unleashes a little when you're worried about toothache or anything else.(pic:

Foam carpet

Our increasingly active seedlings can safely crawl and mop on puzzle foam carpets. The large color samples not only do a great job of capturing, but they also stimulate the senses in development. (You'll probably also find the puzzle pieces in your mouth, especially when the tooth is triggered.) You'll see a little week, a month, and the big sponge puzzle pieces put together in seconds. (pictured:

I'm studying laptop

Will the little one in our life go small when we open our laptop? The born computer genius can be unlocked with a gaming version that improves its capabilities as well. Pressing, rotating, sliding the tiny musical interactive buttons will support your child's craftsmanship and eye-to-hand coordination, as well as promote early role, creativity and visual development. (post:

Pure sparkler

Although the time for the small pieces made of small pieces has not yet passed, with the making of a piece, a child of one year becomes classy. Larger colored cubes stacked together, the small fine motor skills, craftsmanship and creativity develop.


Smart desk

Such a removable footrest is able to book even the smallest ones for a long time, as it has countless functions. More than 120 voices, melodies, bilingual (English-Hungarian) expressions, forms, numbers, colors, animals entertained and develop the child's evolving abilities. And the small phone also encourages them to play some role. We think it's definitely there under the Christmas tree.


Music Shape Matching Games

In this age, dexterity and shape recognition can be improved with a form-fitting game. Even better, we choose the one that rewards the baby with voices and music, as he begins to understand causal relationships.


Baby Piano

Featuring a variety of fun tunes by itself, the mini piano will be a favorite of half-year-olds. Whenever you like a "musical instrument", their hand-to-hand coordination, hearing, and creativity improve. (picture:

Have fun in the bath

A baby who is able to survive can safely spit on the child's lap designed for this purpose. The play table part - which is guaranteed to entertain and enhance the meaning of our lives with its many super functions - can be simply clicked off the board, which can be attached to the bottom of the code. (pic:

Craft ball game

This lightweight, ball-shaped, ball-shaped ball has received a lot of positive feedback from parents. It also has a spider, a rotating goat, and even a mirror that unconsciously enhances a child's shape, cognition, motor skills and distinctive ability. (picture:

Book: Anna Milbourne - See what a farm is like!

Featuring fold-out tabs and beautiful color illustrations, this little book develops the little ones interactively. Wonderful little hands can wonder what's in the gate or find the puppies. (photo:
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