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The 15 most annoying habits of mothers

The 15 most annoying habits of mothers

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With our few friends, we have made a sacred vow that we will never, but never, behave as mothers.

It is better for the mother not to tell her what her bride should do

Over the years, we and our mothers have seen so many annoying things that we have vowed we will never be like them when they grow up and grow older.

Here are the 15 most disgusting motherly behaviors I am sure I will never commit:

1. Ask my son to put me in front of your superintendent. If my son grows up, his wife will be the first. I've just prepared myself for this emotionally. There is no way I can expect my boyfriend to love me more than his wife. Х will be his wife, the mother of her children, it is understood that she will be the number one from then on. This is the order of life.2. To wash my weasel laundry without asking him to do so. Of course, it is a kind and generous gesture somewhere, but still. Don't be fooled by the lacy tang of our bride.3. To be ignored in the family quarrel. Mothers have nothing to quarrel with young people.4. Rearrange the house of the weasels. It is understood that the location of the coffeehouses is on the shelf above the coffeehouses. All the stupid ones are into it. But it's not my kitchen to decide what to store. If at any time you find me packing in my kitchen or room for my wife, please let me know.5. it to ask the grandson to keep something secret before my son and my wife. Parents bring the rules. There is no grandmother to choose. A packet of forbidden candies does not cost me much to care for my grandchildren.6. Buy clothes for the weasel that I would wear. To buy her a dress that is not at all her style is a clear sign that I want my son to want his wife to dress like her. That way, I can feel that my son still loves me. Don't do that ... 7. To think that my son is perfect. Names: a wow bad.8. To think my weasel is perfect. This is even worse than the previous one, because we can be tremendously disappointed in our menu if we make a mistake once.9. Knocking them into their bedroom without having to knock. Many mothers think they can knock the door and open the door as soon as possible. NO. If you want your retina to go out, feel free to open them just when your fiancée is riding in the womb of your son.10. Provide untold advice.11. Appear at the Weasel House without logging in. It can be uncomfortable in a situation where the bride is just rushing somewhere.12. Criticize the Weasel of the Weasel. So cook the way you want. Don't ask me why you make hot sauce for spaghetti if you don't, or why you should souce and pepper the soup. He worked a lot on the etiquette, even if he doesn't admit it, though he wants to impress you vele.13. Expecting my boyfriend to miss my wife and wifeif we come across something. No. Never. Passive to behave aggressively. Yes, many women love this form of social warfare. It is also useful in many situations. But there is no place for a mother-in-law relationship.15. Compare myself with my wedge's parents. Maybe I feel like my son and my stepdaughter spend more time with my stepdaughter's parents. Maybe they have a higher social status, more money, a bigger house, maybe a better relationship. But I never even mentioned it to my bride. By: K.M. The source of the article can be found here.
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