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The best 5 body parts I have learned

The best 5 body parts I have learned

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It went hunting, it did ... if you are familiar with these lines, you know, well, that rhymes cannot be used to tell a child in advance. Here is something that teaches body parts.

When your big child is over a year old, it is worthwhile to introduce exercise sentences, mondуkбzhattok.Here is my head, here is ni,
Tessee's good to watch!
I have two eyes, mine, number,
And this is my nose!
I have my claws out,
I can rotate it as I want.
So I rotate, this rotate,
My palms clap! My thumb is apple tree,
my index finger remarked,
my middle finger picked up,
gyûrыsujjam took it home,
my little finger ate it all,
my belly is gone! My head, my country, my ankle is my ankle,
my spear is my ankle
my spear is my ankle
My head is my country, my head is my ankle,
my eyes are mine,
my nose, the number.Pancsi, pancsi
close your eyes, close your mouth,
I'm washing your face now!
Close your eyes, close your mouth,
I'm washing your belly now!
You too are a piss,
Come on, fuck
Let's cut it!You can find more sayings here:- Best Drawn Feathers- Sleeveless Feathers for Small and Big Babies