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Make a hot sandwich today!

Make a hot sandwich today!

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Sometimes it is better to have something simple to eat than a multi-course lunch or dinner. Well-loved favorites can be in order, but don't miss out on something new to you. The sandwich is an awesome slogan, the number of variants is endless!

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Apple cabbage hot sandwich

The secrets to sandwich success

  • Don't be dry! Apply a fine cream on it, this is where the rest will come. The cream gives the base, the base mood.
  • Don't be boring! If you're making the same two-to-three sandwiches every day, it's time to give it a go. Not only can you be delicious with what you are used to.
  • There is also a large selection of bread and pastries. Not only do you buy bread and white bread, there are sandwiches that are much finer when made from brown bread, kernels or other specialties.
  • Be showy and special! It's worth thinking about how you can toss sandwiches with some neatly placed ingredients: the process of separating the digestive juices starts as soon as you have a nice and delicious flavor.
  • Take the time to eat! It's just a matter of eating a sandwich, running a dog sandwich, and taking a crafted masterpiece out of a perfectly arranged table. It doesn't take much more time than tiring to eat, just a few ideas, different colors, and requests for accessories all over.
  • Always offer fresh greenery! Not only is your calorie bomb your sandwich, it also contains lots of plant fiber, vitamins, delicious, fresh, crunchy green grass. As children get used to it, it is natural for them to always have bread in their bread, which is very diverse. Pay special attention to washing and cleaning of green areas! Drain the lettuce leaves in a clean kitchen towel to prevent the bread from being soaked.
  • Include the children in the production! They have great ideas when it comes to dynamics, new and interesting tastes.
  • Make it fresh! The success of the mundane, crunchy, not-so-crunchy sandwiches has been blamed for the delicious ones. Therefore, lubricate only as much as you can with great currency at a time. Keep the creams in a closed container in the refrigerator.
And now hold on, here's one of the coolest hot sandwiches I've ever made!

Apple cabbage hot sandwich

20 deca tender kale leaves, one big cat apple, 20 deca hard cheese, iuded sou, 5 deca pieces of must, one teaspoon of lemon juice, three tablespoons of natural yogurt, a teaspoonful of lemon juice
Cut the kale leaves into small pieces, and grate the apple on a large hole. (You can do all of these operations with a grit.) Sprinkle the apple with lemon juice. Divide the pieces into pieces, then filter them into kale and apples. Grate the cheese on the small hole in the grater and mix with the yoghurt and the nutmeg. Add the mustard, cook a little if needed.
Bake hot sandwiches in a grill or roast.
What's right with it? Tomatoes, fresh apple slices, kernels, Onions
What kind of bread do you want? Graham is best suited for bread.
Vбltozat: It can be consumed fresh, without burning, by spreading it on the sauce.