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Dad taught me about motherhood

Dad taught me about motherhood

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Sometimes mothers get tired too. At that time, a good splash comes. Like the abbot.

Dad taught me about motherhoodI really enjoyed my baby life, trying to live with the greatest awareness and joy every minute, so I felt prepared for my big, wonderful task. Then our little son Levente was born, and my joy was tremendous. But it also comes down to the whole truth that they have been hit by the initial hardships: fatigue, sleeplessness, 24-hour service, responsibility. Once I was so exhausted that I had to leave my home to vent my head. This made my husband very scared, for not only was his father's role, but also the situation was new to him, suddenly not knowing what to do with me.

An the big one agyszellхztetйs I had a good time with him - I had been out of the summer pool for several weeks - and I went home to my family. Then the splash came. My husband told me that our little boy, if he wants to, because he wants to talk to us about something he doesn't know at all, and we will conceive of a good game to decipher. He added: We can do it with fun, cheer, enthusiasm, or sad, nervous, I choose, but one of them will always be a dead end.

These sentences were literally found. It made me think of things I had never thought of. It was a major turning point, one of the greatest, most determined and memorable conversations in my life. I'm laughing today, if I need to, and doing the 24-hour service, which is what gave me the initial boost. I'm gonna give him a crap.
Dr. Kneif-Kabnysa Zhufi (Sopron)
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