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Happy Holidays for Mother's Day!

Happy Holidays for Mother's Day!

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This pair of textiles dyed can be a real treat for the family. The little drawings fill the word form, which can be put on the material with the help of bigger brothers or Dad. Super surprise!

Raw materials:
- white or light gray
- russian, 3D textile paint
- Textile Filters
Other accessories:
- pencil, pap
- nylon or flipchart Let's draw the outline of the heart on a piece of paper, then draw some flowers and figures with the children, or put a few existing children's drawings and copy it into the heart shape. Button this template underneath the front of the pole, with several layers of tissue paper or nylon underneath to prevent paint from splashing on the back of the top.

Happy Holidays for Mother's Day!

First color the text with the textile felt pen, then draw the lines or fill out the drawings with 3D paint. The word form is considered to be characteristic when we have drawn the surface relatively tightly, but we can even trace the outline of the word. After drying, iron the polish according to the instructions for use.

The article appeared in the May issue of Praktika magazine.
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