Easter program suggestion: pet petting and mini party in Szarvas

Easter program suggestion: pet petting and mini party in Szarvas

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With bunnies, dragons, spinning lessons, and creative games, the family is waiting for the family to celebrate the Easter Eve with the Szarvas Arboretum and the Mini Hungary Interactive Model Park.

Creative drawing, alpine technique demonstration (some techniques can be tried!), Pet demonstration, pet petting and puppy picking as well as fun quests are waiting for the most interested in Hungary. And in the Mini Hungary Interactive Mockup Park, you can see more than half a dozen wonders and ironclad editions of every detail.

Mini animals go for Christmas animals at Mini Hungary Mockup Park

The pet lovers of Easter arrived at the Szarvas Arboretum, but before they introduced themselves, they themselves took part in a mini-party.
One of the largest arboretums in our country, the Mini Hungary interactive mockup park could not be missed by Easter bunnies and puppies. They traveled through the middle of the city between Hungary, Transylvania and the most beautiful buildings in the Highlands, jumping over the Danube, drinking from Balaton, and peeking through every small window.

Wenckheim Castle

Button-triggered iron chains on mini-tunnels, bridges, viaducts, and the realities of button press bring a special meaning to all ages. This year the famous Hungarian scenery of the Upper Hungary has been extended to the Mini Hungary Mock-up Park, so we can visit the castle of Bojnice as well as the Transylvanian Palace, as we celebrate it every year.
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