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Something caught my eye!

Something caught my eye!

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This happens very often in children. Most of the time, little dirt or dust will come out of itself, if not, be directed by your doctor. However, it is worth trying some home practice before you do!

What can you do if something goes into your little eye?

1. Look inside!

After a thorough washing, stand your child's back so that you can feel the light on your child's face. Use your thumb to open your eyelids, and ask them to look up and down. It is often the case that even though the pain is, there is really nothing in it, because immediately washing the light, but sensitivity remains for a while. In such cases, ask them to lie down, put a damp cotton swab on their eyes (so that they cannot open and get dirty), and look at them again a quarter and a half ago. Even if you don't see anything in it, you almost certainly aren't in it - but if you do it for two hours, ophthalmology is the way to go.

2. Wash it out!

If the object in your eyes is white on your eyes, wash it out with a little water. Lay the child on its side, with the eyes closed, place a rectangle under the head and under the shoulders, and slowly pour a little glass of water on the nostril. This will run through your eyes and hopefully bring along the disturbed foreign body.

3. Highlight it!

If the water didn't help, but your eyes could see the foreign body in white, you might try to take it out. Of course you don't hand! Dip the corner of a clean piece of material and touch it to the small dirt. It will grab hold of it with great currency and be easy to highlight.

What not to do?

  • Don't put your hand in the eyes of a child! Doing so will only push the foreign body deeper or cause some infection!
  • If you can't get out what went in, put some steam or a cotton ball on your eyes, stick a little tapeand go for the ophthalmology. Bonding is important because it is almost impossible to prevent the child from getting dirty or rubbing it, which can push the object deeper or cause more serious injury.
  • If it was not the white of the eye but the part of the color that was affected, pupillбn or there is a foreign body in the genius area, do not try tricks on the eye, immediately control the eye! Dirt in this area can cause visual degeneration!