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The hug is capable of wonders

The hug is capable of wonders

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There's nothing better than having a soft and fragrant baby! In fact, it is not only good for the soul, for perception has many positive health effects on the baby and face. Why can we say that he is capable of a miracle?

Baby and Mum have a positive effect on hugging

It changes the DNA

Many parents are aware that baby matter is very important, but researchers at the University of British Columbia say it has a far greater impact than they previously believed: because hugging is able to change the baby DNA йt, positive support. Did the study investigate 94 infants? their parents had to keep a diary of their children's eating, sleeping habits, and how often they hugged them.Experts have shown that fewer babies with babies are much more stressful, thinner, Years later, molecular studies of their cells show that they are less mature than they are at any given age, and that epigenetic development is even slower. The healing cow has a positive effect on your development!

It also has an impact on social and emotional development

Touch is one of the most important things we can give a baby, And this is also supported by research from the Children's Hospital of Columbus: 125 Newborns? do we have premature babies? and they came to the conclusion that babies who received more cuddling, touching their parents, were much more responsive to their parents than babies receiving less cuddling.Frequent affection has a positive effect on the development of brain areas responsible for social-affective relationships, the researchers say. And a psychological researcher at the University of Notre Dame found in a 600-person study that adults who had more babies, less anxiety, and better health. According to the researchers who are conducting the research therefore, the assumption that we "spoil?" the baby, if you pick it up and catch it when you wake up.

They give a better response to stress

There is also a growing awareness among health authorities that birth is one of the most important things that a mother can receive in the initial period. This type of contact can have an immediate positive effect on the baby, soothes, lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels, promotes better sleep and the development of breastfeeding routines. In addition to immediate effect, frequent eating can help you respond to stress more easily and calm down when you feel nervous.

Helps brain development

Being physically warm gives your baby a sense of warmth and security, which can make you feel and love her. More research is addressing the fact that one of the basic conditions for children's brain and emotional development a close relationship with a loving, caring adult. To get this from infancy, the best way to get it is through grooming.

Motherhood also has a positive effect

The perception not only strengthens the bond in the baby but also in the mother, and has other positive effects. The fact that the baby's cuddling can be incredibly reassuring to her mother was also supported by a study published in Psychology Frontiers. If the baby is breathing in the baby while the baby breathes the little scent, the reward center of the brain responds and releases dopamine in the body. So by hugging and smelling your baby, you'll make yourself happier, not just five!Related links: