Millions of "breaks" occur between children listening to the story and those who are not listening

Millions of "breaks" occur between children listening to the story and those who are not listening

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This "multimillion breaks" is key to the development of children 's deafness and reading skills.

That's why everyday fairytale reading is importantAbout 1.4 million more children are heard by their parents by the age of five, whose parents read them five books a day than those whose parents never read a story - the University of Ohio researcher said. key to the development of toddlers' and reading skills szempontjбbуl.
Children who only read one book a day hear about 290,000 more children of their age than those whose parents, caregivers do not read regularly, according to an online study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. children who are more or less knowledgeable in deaf children will be better prepared to see these words in print when they go to school. The reading skills of these children will develop faster and easier, "he explained. Jessica Logan assistant professor, author of the study leader.The idea of ​​the research came from previous study, which showed that a quarter of American kids have never read a story, and for other quarters, very rarely, once a week, the researchers collaborated with the Columbus City Library, whose staff identified the 100 most popular children's books in pre-school years. The researchers selected 30-30 books from the two age groups and simply counted how many are in them. Leaflets contained an average of 140 texts, and children's textbooks had 228.
According to their calculations, the children who do not read their parents get to know 4,662 children, 63,570 people telling stories once a week, 169,520 people reading stories 3-5 times a week, and 296,660 people reading daily. 483,300 words are read five times a day. "This is not about everyday communication. Words that you learn from books are more complex words than those you know when you talk to parents." can give birth to Antarctic penguins, introduce them to words and concepts that do not appear in everyday conversation. And these words can be especially important in learning to read, "Logan quoted Science Science as saying.
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