A bend is more dangerous than we ever thought

A bend is more dangerous than we ever thought

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Not only can it cause infections, it can also damage the immune system after years of infection.

For those who have become more susceptible to the disease than other pathogens, the bending virus removes the memory of previous infections. It can also make you less effective in years and can cause severe inflammation from pneumonia to pneumonia.Rik de Swart, a virologist at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, says that ad, than previously thought - is on According to the virologist, where vaccination rates are high, child mortality is also declining. A bend is more dangerous than we ever thought The curve spreads with drip infection, causing fever, coughing, cold sores, and cataracts after a 10 to 14 day incubation period, followed by outbreaks. Szцvхdmйnye йs the most common tьdх- kцzйpfьlgyulladбs, and the patients are more susceptible to these йpp miutбn meggyуgyultak MMR oltбs bevezetйse elхtt this betegsйg szбmнtott the vezetх halбloknak children kцrйben.Azt that kanyarу hatбsбra the organization will immunamnйziбs you have already korбbban fхemlхsцknйl also megfigyeltйk. It is not yet known how long it takes for the immune system to recover fully after a bend, but it is certain that one year more after a bend, In spite of the fact that a bend is a relatively rare fatal outcome, MMR over a longer period of time outweighs the risk of fatal coronary heart disease, says Michael Mina. Therefore, flab immunity is more important than we thought.Related articles in bends:
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  • More than 20 million children do not receive vaccination against bends


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