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How many characters do we give the baby?

How many characters do we give the baby?

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Exclusive Research - Pregnant Moms and Wellness looked at the wholesome fruits and vegetables available in stores and markets.

How many characters do we give the baby?

How much can we trust in the market, in the hypermarket, in fruit, potatoes, and carp? How many herbal remedies and other pollutants should a baby eat with the first pair? Is only glassy baby safe?
The fracture examinations were carried out by the Fejér County Department of Agriculture's Laboratory of Residual Analytical Laboratory, Venice. My son Matyi grabbed the apple, bitten it, and spit it out: Foo, it's chemical! I smelled it, and it really did have the smell of a pungent, nose-wracking chemical for my favorite fruit. True, Matyi does not bother to wash himself, because it was only breastfeeding, especially because I could have given Ilonk a little taste of the same transport.
THE and three rings a month exactly two months ago untouched in our refrigerator. First I forgot about them, and when I saw that they weren't showing any signs of deterioration for two weeks, I decided curiously how long I would be sorry. Well, they still look exactly like nine weeks ago when I bought them: as if I was just taking something from the party. Isn't this a weird thing? Immortalized rings?
Wonder how many dangerous poisons my family eats every day, even though I try to buy to avoid known sources of danger? Since Ilonka is slowly becoming a top priority in our work, I am seriously unsure whether or not to follow the World Health Organization's recommendation of starting a home-made vitamin. After all, I really don't know when to spray and what agents were used to treat the surfaceso that we don't go out of our way prematurely.

Detective investigators

The request is so exciting that, in conjunction with Wellness Magazine, we decided to find out the truth. We have learned that in Hungary, efficacy examinations are conducted in a pre-announced period in the presence of a plant supervisor. We thought we would rather visit a small business, a large store, a dressing room, and look at the kind of greenery that anyone could read, looking like a housewife. All that babies could get.
Akciounn was held in early November. The goods were immediately taken to one of the seven domestic laboratories, where they were accurately tested for the presence of powdery mildew and checked for heavy metal contamination. We knew that during routine checks, the produce would always be examined as it was found in the store, ie without washing, stinging. But we were assuming that no one would remember to eat bananas or potatoes in their shell and unwashed. Йppen we were wondering what was going on in our roomafter washing or, if necessary, baking the raw material. Laboratory staff has changed the test course to their liking.


We were eager and excited about the result. We expected that one or another crop, such as the cherry tomato or banana, would be contaminated. However, the results surprised us all. None of the fruits or greens we provided contained residues above the limits, and no heavy metals could be detected in the samples, even in approximate quantities! In fact, for nine crops, no residues were found.
However, the pears and green peppers would probably have stuck on the filter if they had been tested in a standard, unclean way. There are two different insects in the environment, which are traditionally winter fruits and small ones, such as different chemicals (even within limits). With one exception, all the so-called systemic agents, which cannot be completely removed by washing and applying, are completely absorbed by the plant.


2005: Poisonous red pepper treated with poisonous fungicide was found on store shelves.
2007: Dioxin-contaminated guar gum was added to the additives used, including in our kitchen. But in the Netherlands, shrimp have been found in many shrimps ... What prevented the problem? In the European Union, the alarm system works if there is any irregularity in the light, and all Member States can start a coordinated action. The shrimp did not need twenty ounces to burn.
At the same time, globalization has become increasingly difficult to keep track of where it comes from in the gardens, because power only controls what it is aware of. The latest insecticide from China, which reaches the earth via potatoes and independent channels, is probably the secret of the producer.
Unfortunately, efficiency does not examine every single product and consignment, as it involves very costly procedures. The cost of our small one-time shareholder was close to one million forints. Surely our readers are neither in the money nor in the mood to examine their own sources of supply.

Get more rewards?

Baby food is subject to a limit of 0.01 milligrams per kilogram, which in practice means a limit of detection. For food intended for the youngest, it is a legitimate expectation that they should not contain any residues. On the other hand, it is surprising to compare the readiness of the finished product with the values ​​of the undisturbed green, which is based on the data of the power, at most, for such a comparison.
It is clear from our examination that the basic purity requirements (washing, washing) must be met beforehand in order to give in most cases the same degree of purity as the glassy purée. Malaroids with bio-grade foods are not likely to occur (since they also regularly check the rabbit values ​​of unwashed, unprocessed feedstock), but most of the freckled brands are not organic!

Where to buy

The market has changed profoundly in the last one or two years. Hypermarkets procure the bulk from the same wholesaler as the polar green. In many cases, the market bribe also buys from the wholesaler. The only exception is the germinator, who believes he got it, weeded it, and picked the potatoes off the plants himself. Although verifying the origin of the goods in writing is a prerequisite, we have not been able to produce such a document in our market inquiries. When asked if you are in Hungarian, with the exception of bananas, you have always been told that you are. But there is nothing on the apple ...

Toxic or safe?

  • The safest baby food is potatoes, rape, cakes, zucchini, bananas, apples washed and buttered. Fruits and tomatoes, washed in natural terms, nourished when needed. Broccoli, cauliflower thoroughly washed, possibly brushing, kelp and onion, if the outer leaves are thrown out, and then wash the rest of the plant thoroughly.
  • Do not give pizzas products, such as imported grapes and seeds, that often have excess residue levels during efficacy tests.
  • Avoid importing fruits from far away countries, as they are usually treated with a variety of agents for transport. Bananas and thick shellfish are exceptional, as they are treated almost exclusively with superficial agents.
  • Use the greenest fruit, which has no season, as rarely as possible. If it is, then wash it thoroughly, add it, and give it to an older child of only one year.
  • Avoid any product that has spray droplets and a smell of chemical residues.
  • All cultivated plants contain nitrite or nitrate, but there are some that take up and store this material in greater quantities than is necessary. The highest nitrate content was found in lettuce, radish, starch and nipple. Although the 2007 routine examinations did not find any product that exceeded the limit, it may not be advisable to give it to young children under one year of age.
  • The amount of herbicides can be reduced by thorough washing and application. In many cases, the concentration of the concentration decreases further in the cooking and cooking range. We also wash the slime, rub the skin with a sponge or brush under running water, and do not use the slurry we used to chop the fruit.

  • Expertise: Adrienn Vávrhelyi Food Safety Engineers Specialists
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