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No! my son shouted. As I showered my shivering baby's mouth, I had to smile, it was so cute. After two hours I didn't smile anymore because my number was shaking in the bath.


Bende son is two and baby in my eyes. When the puffy arm and kisses the soft mouth, I melt. But when his will is over, we can run out of the world. "I'm a big boy!" - he knows and knows exactly what he wants. He doesn't want to sleep, he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want to get up, he doesn't want to start, he doesn't want to go home. It's just the kind of thing you have to do. I can explain to her that she doesn't understand. It is only two-fold. Its behavior is not unique, and any kind of fagot, as seen in the eyes of parents, it is completely normal from a psychological point of view. THE lives in the moment, has no idea of ​​the earth or the future. You can't wait and don't understand why you have to do things you don't want. We can talk to him, we can explain to him - but to no avail.
To make things even more complicated, he does not realize that his actions have consequences. What's wrong is not enough. She has to experience that her mother's head is bitten, that she is bitten, that she runs off her foot, that she even extinguished the light when she was still playing. Even though we explain to him, he doesn't understand why this is so, because the world he lives in, х is the center.
- Why did you put peanuts in your basket? I don't like it… ”asked his three-year-old son when we met at the store, and this request gives an accurate insight into this age group's thinking. That we may like the peanuts, and what we like, doesn't even come to mind. In this universe, this is not a non-existent aspect.
The bad guys say there is no good two-worder, just one who doesn't have as much creativity as the bad guy. That said, I can be calm - there is no shortage of ideas. My son has to be kept in mind all day long, and I must be prevented from being seriously injured or seriously injured. I'm explaining everything in vain, he just senses that he can't do what he wants again, and he's terribly nervous. Frustrated and hysterical. Which is understandable from their point of view, since you have no idea why I wouldn't let you play with it or prick the wall. From this point of view, these are very working things that I get stuck with for a number of unknown reasons.
Being hurt if you kill yourself (but it hasn't happened yet) or hurting something (the wall is nice when it is holey) is an indispensable consideration. The fun of it is that you don't believe it too much, because in vain I say that you should not eat chocolate before lunch, when you find that it is much more delicious than cookers. Since you can't grasp my ini's perspective, the sobbing stays on as I soften.
What happens sometimes - because we can really stay for tens of minutes on the field, and you can even come in sandals if you don't want the shoes on. That's how we both develop. Of course it is does not mean that the parents have to adapt every timeeven if it seems a little easier than engaging in what seems like a constant battle. Because there are rules - and this is the age when you have to learn them.
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