Such is life with a two-year-old

Such is life with a two-year-old

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We do not care if we say that life is not easy with a pet. The hysterical period is over, they are constantly making messes, and we are not doing funny things. What can a baby do? Take your humor box!

What are they like? They're terribly sweet. And they were a little crazy ... (in your good sense)

The Huffington Post asked parents of two-year-old kids to tell them their weekday had passed. If you want to laugh about a good thing, read on!Quotes from Parents of Two-Child Children:"Get off the desk! Leave the trash out there! Don't lick that old pizza! Don't play with the cat litter! - and I didn't say it to my cat." "You have no idea what the real gravity is. you are going to buy a birthday present for your 2 year old child for another child. "" I fell on the stairs. my 2-year-old daughter was just waiting for a lollipop that I threw away. "

Just wait and wait ...

"When my twin daughter is wrestling ... She thinks if I can't see her face, she doesn't."

"Dad, I'm out!"

"What's the best fun for a 2-year-old kid? Spin, spin, chill, fall. And this again and again." a real problem! "" In less than a day, my 2-year-old baby boy made a new friend. Who was nothing but a grandma's waistcoat head ... "" You want to know what it is like to have a two-year-old a few minutes? That's it. "

There is no escape from a two-wheel front

"Grandpa took off and gave the candle to my 2-year-old boy from his birthday cake to lick the chocolate cream on his roulette. Of course, my grandfather ate the whole candle. confess me because I didn't let you put on all the shoes on the same foot. Maybe I should have left it? " the difference between my two and a gymnast is that the gymnast doesn't pee on the floor. "Related Articles:
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