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Over 35 years - pregnant mother

Over 35 years - pregnant mother

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She's not too flabbergasted, and perhaps a little uncertain, that from the middle of her thirties, the obstetrician speaks of "old maternal age."

Nowadays, when education and career shifts to the first birth, it is not uncommon and unusual for the forty If you take care of your mother during pregnancy care and take special care of high blood pressure, pregnancy diabetes and fetal genetic damage, you do not have to have a harder birth.

Over 35 years - pregnant mother

Of course, it also plays a role in the life style of the mother during the first three and a half decades. Obviously, the chances of a healthy baby being born are diminished if you have been smoking for years, have a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, or have frequent cures for chronic illness. Healthy Lifestyle and Expectant Baby Rejuvenate Young Mothers Over Thirty - Pregnancy Over 35 Years, Fall - 66% Over 1 Year
- 84% get pregnant within 4 yrs.
And by 40 years of age, the chance of getting pregnant is 44% for 1 year and 64% for 4 years. Women in their early 20s are at their peak in fertility, and by the age of 27 they start to lose their fertility. Regardless, today, it is totally worth having 35 more children than it is. Social change has also changed, as has the awareness of women and diagnostic techniques in medicine have evolved a great deal. It is therefore not worth looking at a timed bomb if we are 35 years old and want a child. It's a good idea to prepare consciously: take the pregnancy vitamin two to three months before your planned conception, exercise, and healthy eating, and have your baby screened for pregnancy.They may also be interested in:
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