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Is there free public education in general?

Is there free public education in general?

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In almost all countries of Europe, including us, public education is in principle free, and parents are not very aware of it.

Before school starts, many articles ask about the cost of starting school and how free public education can be. Now has written a summary of this.How Free is Public Education? Usually the first and the ninth graders are the ones most in need, as they all require new things. Looks like it a first-time student at $ 80,000 sure. But how much do parents spend every year on school? The page included travel expenses, meals, textbooks, sports, specials in the calculation. According to this On average, we can calculate 30-50 thousand HUF per month children are willing to bear the burden of free public education. The page also draws attention to the fact that we pay for education once in a form of donation, and then add it to our payment.

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The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union states that everyone has the right "free participation in compulsory education." Salamon Esther, the parent of Parents International, an international organization, told - In 2015, the European Organization of Vocational Schools (OBESSU) launched a free education campaign. In connection with this, the International Parent Organization has prepared an overview of the burdens that parents bear in each country. For example, the survey showed that in most Scandinavian countries, students travel for free to school, you do not have to pay the mandatory travel expenses, the music, language, rafting guide outside of the Dutlan, you get free workbooks, IT tools, musical instruments, drawing equipment. Parents are only required to pay for the school equipment, as well as school supplies. (Parents International /
The school meals in most unique countries income dependent, Tehбt rбszorultaknak only free, but pйldбul Svйdorszбgban, Finnorszбgban, йs Йsztorszбgban no one has to fizetni.Salamon by Esther Magyarorszбg the kцzvetlen szьlхi hozzбjбrulбs tekintetйben belongs to legdrбgбbb orszбgok kцzй only be nбlunk mйlyebben the szьlхknek nyъlni the pockets of school talбn Olaszorszбgban, Franciaorszбgban Due to other costs.In Hungary, students are given free textbooks called "free textbooks" and, in addition, schools are often forced to work with poor quality textbooks - warns the newspaper. Of course, educators are not required to order textbooks, but free textbooks only apply to them.
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