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Last Minute Easter Tips

Last Minute Easter Tips

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Still not in a festive mood, and so did you get a little carried away? No problem, we have a couple of lifesaving tips!

Egg painting with food paint

In the days leading up to Easter, you may not be able to get egg paints in the vicinity. If you have any food paint at home, you can also remove the dust in the bunny bag, the result will be a miracle.
You can read the details on the MomaSpool blog, click here!

Beautiful eggs marzipan

Anyone who is a bit more gummy can form sweet little eggs from marzipan. The wonderful thing about marvelous marzipan is that it has three ingredients in no more than twenty minutes. Unique, simple, and even the smallest can set up to mix and form.

Locsolуvnz simply

Mom's little boy can be a good tip for home watering water. At the drugstore, you can get a smaller bottle of pharmacy, with a cap or a dropper on top.

All you have to do is water the sprinkles

Larger window size a jerk can be a jerk, even less, there is a risk that they can be easily squirted into each other's eyes and then the fun. We pour rosewater into the glass and the simple sprinkler is ready. If you want to smell the fragrance a little, let's add some water to the glass and add any essential oil. After the holiday, the glass tube can be rinsed and placed for the next year.
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