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Esther's diary - 32nd htRock'n'roll!

Esther's diary - 32nd htRock'n'roll!

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Eszter is nostalgic about the summer and Balaton, as well as being part of Barni's musical training in the tummy.

Photograph: Rabbert Lбszlу of Bacssi

It's always Balaton. It is home to barrels of oil, elongations and deep water pancakes. Water, water, pure water, your quality has been selected for it, and it has a perfect condition to fall. Now I have come to Szemes by train, and I really enjoyed it, because I only do it twice a year, mainly in the summer, so I didn't go out in zakoly conditions. I just like to train just like my grandmother. Because without fear and awakening, I know that my neighbour's very gracious woman with a friend, and now he hits the middle ground. What goes into the middle can only be guessed. On the other hand, traveling home from Balaton is a very depressing state, and one is always afraid that he will never return again. Imagined tornadoes, earthquakes, warfare, or a sudden financial bankruptcy that makes your holiday jump and end the happiness you've always found there. Two and a half times, when the boring company is boring, I listen to music and read. Now I'm sure that not only Jin, but also Brown will be in the Rolling Stones, Paint It Black will bring out the animal, and I will have a loose stomach, Barnibaba pounding in the water so that my stomach swings to the right. To give you a little rest, come on Time Is On My Side, I feel like Brown is gently inside, and then to listen to the seeds of your parent in time and again, we can double listen to What You Want. If not rock'n'roll, all of Johnson's songs, Jack Kanye West's all-out Stronger movie number (my parenting starts, too), Adele's love deceptions, Florence and the Machine vagina, Lana del Ray's sexy party Armada Electronic Melody, Metallica Blacks and Blacksmith, Vivaldi Delicacy, Coldplay Twist, Katie Melia's Head, Norah Jones. And many more stylishly different singers and bands. The essence would be the electorate, and the purpose would be the electorate ... but the man decided his feelings anyway. I have read in many places that it is worth singing for the fetus as it will be remembered after birth, or at least be remembered by familiar melodies. I try this out with a particular song, a song poem by Sándor Weöres Sándor Dilli of Clouds, sung by Judit Halbsz. It's a favorite of my childhoods, so I often like this for Barnba, especially when I'm upset or excited about something. Sándor Weöres also has a personal touch. I was seven years old in the year of my dying year, and my mother worked in the infectious department at Liputmez, as a vicarage deputy. My dad used to tell me a lot about Sanyi, the poet, whose poems we learned and sang at school. One time my parents took her to me and I called her out of the hospital for a glow of the hawthorn poem in the autumn. With the drawings sent to him, the wall in the courtroom was already glued around. I remember Mom kindly fingering the poets' cheeks between her fingers, and then she made her loud. I was so sorry for the old man, and I changed my mind over how bad a lusty kiss or pinched cheekbone was. Amy Kбrolyi, Uncle Sanyi's wife also listened to the poetry of the rhythms, and I was given a cassette of Kalabka (among others, with the poems of Sándor Weöres and Noble the Great), and a loved one lines, and both with signatures. Weöres Sándor wrote his name with very trembling hands. Then I was playing on the carpet one night when I found out about Hradrad that the old boy had died. I was crying, my first experience of being aware of the significance of fish. It's just the weird grimace of life that they couldn't have children, an anecdote once told a reporter: "Uncle Sanyi, you sure love kids because you write so many poems to them," and the poet said, "I don't really like them . " When asked why she had kids 'poems, she wondered, "Yeah? I don't want kids' poems!" Well, I'm singing, as soon as Barna stops there. A child's soul grew up in melodies.