It is tricky for a kid to drink more water

It is tricky for a kid to drink more water

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Do not drink water the little one? Or do you just swallow a few sips if there's nothing else left? And do you prefer to drink fruit juice or tea, just to drink something? You can trick you with the help of the tricks below.

Own a glass with a fairy tale character

Even the simplest drink is much more exciting if it is packed properly. Have your own glass with your favorite fairy tale character! We can put a twisted heartbeat in it, usually the little ones love it. It is practical to change the glass, it is easier to see how much is still in it. And if one in a jug, pour water on the table, always on hand, let's not forget. And a lid glass can also be inserted into the car.

Fruit ice cube

If we put small fruits (blueberries, currants, blue) or pieces of fruit into the ice cube before we release it with water, we get beautiful colored ice cubes. The kids are sure to mix it in their glasses, and the fruit will make the drink a little nicer.

Eve after drinking

Let's introduce a new rule: every switch a glass of water let's finish it! It may seem simplistic, but so let's not forget it. Let's give the kid a good example, and we'll drink with him. If we drink filtered tap water, make the jug on the table so much friendlier than filling it directly from the tap.

It is tricky for a kid to drink more water

Every 30th cup is rewarded

We can take advantage of the competitive spirit that kids have in their business. The essence of the games is that the cups drawn on the board fill up as soon as possible. Anyone who is smart can achieve the goal in a matter of days, which offers some small rewards. Of course, let's not get hot, the point is to be motivated. Even cousins ​​can compete who gets to their destination sooner. And the big cats can color the glasses themselves during play.

The fruit should be a "celebration" drink

It's not easy to follow because the little ones usually Sweet drinks, fruit juices they drink best. But if we, as adults, show a good example and consistently keep our family drinking water only on weekdays, the child will get used to it. We can allow fruit juice or spit in the restaurant or in the courtyard.

How many fluids does the baby need per day?

0-6pm: 150-190 milliliters of test weight per kilogram. A 4 kilo baby needs 600-750 milliliters. (Breast milk should only be given in extra hot or cold conditions.)
6 Hours - 2 Years: 1 liter per 10 kg bodyweight. That is, a child weighing 12.5 kilos needs 1.25 liters of liquid.
2-3 years: 900 ml - 1 liter 10 kg body weight. An average three-year-old who weighs 14.5 kilos needs at least 1.3 liters of fluid a day.
- Drink, but what and how much?
- Planted water, fruit juice


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