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Esther's Diary - Week 33This is Love

Esther's Diary - Week 33This is Love

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Esther was given a week of new protests and had to concentrate on her German language exam.

We got a new guard, Eszter is now in another job. Since I was not tight-lipped, I did not regret, in fact, I never really felt that his duties, that is, the situation was high. She was somehow not credible in her role, perhaps because of her uncertainty. I didn't care much about it, because fortunately so many people and moms buy it that I can count on, it wouldn't have been the last resort. However, I am reassured that we will now have a guardian who has more experience (and a child). What's more, the New Guardian told me how often life was unfair, a former colleague's whole life serving their mothers, their mothers, when they lost their own (!) Children, each of them. And it is not enough that fate was so cruel to him, and during the long years of his work as a defender, he was often reproached by an insensitive or ignorant mother for the right to give her advice even when she had no child. What an extraordinary force there is in women! I always wonder about the profound instinct that we have. In most cases, it is most often brought to light, but the wild ones are suppressed by themselves. They might be afraid if they are not controlling. And what a shame, because they are really jewels, like gemstones, not everyone recognizes them. According to Doctor Czeizel, women are now not biological, but social. That is, they have to be right in the workplace, in family life and in women. She thinks that two women skin off women nowadays, while being a mother with multiple children is more than a workplace job, and even… Many people think they are "just" mothers. Czeizel does not consider delayed childbirth biologically bad, but genetically more dangerous. Do you know that Vedic service is a Hungaricum? She still works in Finland and has a similar job as a nurse, but nowadays, everywhere, the mother-in-law (who also helps during her childbirth) watches her and supports her during the weeks after birth. So the state emergency service from 1915 only works for us. Sure, you can love or hate them, who gets a good professional, who gets worse, but for my part, I can say that a good care of us, prospective and beginner moms is a great help. Not only are these days getting more and more busy, I am also approaching the German language exam at supersonic speed. I did a little bit of this "I'll Learn Every Night" concept ... By night, I could catch the Marimar Series yarn, not to mention the strong and weak bond. But when Luca gives a man, I look so intense and intense in that other city that I am surprised by it. I always did the wagon home assignment in the spaces before our meeting, so let's not start from scratch, because I've been getting a little turbulent. When you don't have that much energy anymore, it is easy to manage that less time and kraft. Don't even practice ...
x Marimarru reminds me: Endre Czeizel also mentioned in this talk that we would prepare our children for everything, but not to make money. However, not only do we get happy from our workplace position, but also from the right person killing our lives. That we have not been taught and taught us that love will last three years. And then love remains, which - and this is my opinion, if it is the deepest, most playful, the funniest, then it is a faithful continuation of the initial pink. Transition between love and affection comes with far less pain than many people think, all of which have to be lived, fulfilled, and beautifully chosen.