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That's why ads are bad for kids

That's why ads are bad for kids

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Not only are advertisements damaging to children because they encourage ownership, consumption. They also have adverse effects in ways that we would not have thought of.

That's why ads are bad for kids

It simply does not matter if the child sees advertisements, that is to say, it is not the most urgent thing to consume, but because the story in the future follows, my ad interferes with the writing. All the little kids can't spot commercials or on-air commercials, said InfoRabdiou Kúsa Йva psychologists.More than that, advertisements already perform their original functions: they have to be considered attractive and possessive - the specialist continued. Children find attractive things in an idealized environment that makes it easy for them to access, to gain access to these goods. " that they are natural, they are very attractive. For example, when parenting in a glorious, approved position is a matter of good old age. " its interpretation is completely natural. "It can be harmful when a child is left without a word, they are easy to ignore in advertising. This is because it breaks the golden rule and the trick of socialization, which is to learn our trades in the right course, and to keep them under control. That is, as we progress we need to learn that we do not have to acquire everything, not immediately and necessarily - warned the specialist, emphasizing that this development may interfere with my advertising.Children Benefit from Advertisements - Believes Kva, who says parents have a great responsibility to translate messages and business messages.
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