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Have you ever thought about animal welfare? Children and animals seem to speak a language. Come on! Zoo, Wildlife Park, Village Vacation, or Home Zoo Furnishings - We Stack Up With Great Ideas!

A day trip

For a small child, the value of being a village lover, like being a rich zoo, is to see the pets alive and hear so many tales, songs, and poems. Such a getaway can take you on a single day off, and it's good to be able to visit these places at any time: if the time is not right for bathing or going out, animals are always welcome, not just the kids! Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Jászberny, Miskolc, Nyrnegyhaza, Pécs, Szeged, Veszprém - most of the big cities in Hungary have a zoo. It is important that you do not really plan any other program after the zoo walk, as you will probably lose out on many things. Buy pre-packaged pet treats, the little ones will enjoy enjoying the animals and making it easier for them to make friends! Well, if your child is comfortable viewing your pet's needs and interests, don't be upset and don't want to show him every animal!
MEDVЙK Thirty-nine brown bears are waiting for visitors to Macifarmon in Veresegyhaz, the only bear-place in Central Europe. There are eight artificial caves in the area, two bears and large bears in the vast area. The park also has a sandy farm and a wolf farm.
GOAT FARM Close to Budapest, in the heart of Toppiszentmárton, in an original, natural environment, a genuine goat farm is waiting for you to relax! Numerous animals - goats, ducks, poultry, dogs, cats - live in a natural environment that will not only make your vacation enjoyable, but will also bring an unforgettable experience for young children! Price: 2500 Ft / person / night, if you sleep there but you can only visit.
MADБRLES The Poroslovyah's Tisza Lake Water Dam and Certificate, which connects three islands, has a 1,500-meter Palladium system and two birds, providing an unparalleled opportunity to melt into the wild, melting into the wild. (Wheelchair and wheelchair accessible.) Free.
MAGБNБLLATKERT The charming atmosphere of MagánnZOO Abony Park was initiated by Tibor Tуth without any state or other support. In addition to viewing the Nilesus honeysuckle and emu, you can feed zebra and gray cattle, caress lions, ride carriages, and ride horses. Kids are waiting for a playground and a football field.
ZOO The Budakeszi Wildlife Park in the Budapest border awaits children with a pet pamphlet, a pet show, and a baby carriage as well as a diaper for the comfort of the family.
KISБLLATKERT In the Margaret Island Zoo, you can admire the feathers, the quarrels of birds, and the gentle litter. Pouling can also take place. Admission is free.
And also: In Hortobágy and Greater Warsaw you will find a classic wildlife park, but you can "concentrate" with one of your favorites on the Bassin deer farm, the ostrich ostrich farm, the Kaposvar crocodile farm or the Petesmalmi vid. An excellent rain program is the Tropicarium in Budatia, the Pécs Terrarium or the Maritime Aquarium in Zamardi.

Village concert

One summer we chose rural tourism. The place was charming, with the crackling of the old wooden floor, the scent of freshly whitewashed walls and the sounds of the night's chirping and crackling, we had a complete small team of pets: a cattail, a dog, a fish yard and a garden. The district also included a forest, where we often saw gliders, and after dark, we watched children's holiday lights. At Eszter Farm in Békés County, which evokes the atmosphere of a farm life, children can graze, feed goats, mangalica and ride horses.

Erika Fбnczi: We do it

When do we go to the zoo? - it sounds like a lot of my kids ask every month, so lately we have regular family fun programs. When we first visited the Zoo in Veszprém, we and another year-old little boy prepared the child and ourselves for a great time. He knew all the animals from the storybooks, and could imitate the lion's migration and the tiger's snarl. It will be a pleasure to see them live forever! - I thought. We were up early at the entrance and started with the ducks. That is, not only did we start with us, but our little boy did not want to move his breasts, he was only willing to jump up to the adjacent sand cage, but he returned unconsciously. The lion was just blinking, sleeping on the tiger, so we kept pointing the animals to each other.
Alexandra Black: Zoological Garden at Home
You may not be able to leave for the time being, due to financial reasons or other obstacles, traveling from the zoo to the zoo. In this case, you can always have a mini-zoo at home with the kids. It is not impossible in a two-story house either, because small fish, rodents and small birds bring joy to everyday life, but the garden house is the ideal terrain.
- This year won't have a new baby, this year we will have pets! - With this expense we ended up with him for the year. Morsi, the little puli, then the three ducks arrived in May, and the cat on our floor surprised us with six kittens. I'm not saying that the flip-flop (to me) when I took a hot water bottle to my very young dog in the blizzard, . And I, the stewardess of my own zoo, smile to see how we make - with laughter and laughter - the sub-ordering of the garden.
With horses, developer

Photo: Rbtka Йva

- It's very important that we rush down sometimes. The riding school is a great opportunity for that - he tells Ferencz Йva a pediatrician who cries and rides heart-healthy children and healthy children. - It also shapes our personality by closely observing these commanding animals: how they play with each other, what sounds they make, how they move. It's amazing to see kids slowly opening up to the animal and the loue are gaining more and more confidence. For sick children, it is not just riding itself that is the therapy, but the whole environment; This is also part of personal training.
Today, most of the villages have their own riding stables, the Suttogú Riding Farm in the Veresegyhaza offers pet care, kid riding, futuristic, class cross-country riding, as well as nursing and therapy. If you want to enjoy your vacation and horseback riding at the same time, visit the Rosemary Horse Farm and Guest House, which is open all year round.