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That's why you have to involve the kid in our household

That's why you have to involve the kid in our household

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Don't wait to become a teenager, introduce yourself to the secrets of housework early on, and you will find it a benefit later on. What can be introduced to the age of Habny?

That's why you have to involve the kid in our householdThe best thing is that not only us, but also, according to research, they are good for the long haul.

Is housework the key to happy adulthood?

Well, if you know, the eligibility for childhood housework is already well established. Not only does it help us to return home from work without having to remove the trash, remove the dog, or wash it, but the job will also make children happier adults - the Harvard Grant Study, at least. And a study from the University of Minnesota found that they were more successful in their 20s - for example, better nutrition and other people's needs were more fertile - they were involved in childbirth as early as 3 to 4 years.

We will need your patience

Children also have different abilities as they age, so let's not count on everything to look as if we did. Let's not fix it unnecessarily and get it out of hand by doing it because it will be faster. Many people fail to take advantage of the natural enthusiasm and the rewarding period for learning, or they do it less than once each year. Encourage, involve and patiently educate children, and not only will our task be less, but the child's confidence will be strengthened if he or she successfully completes age-appropriate tasks - emphasizes Szilvia Licsбr educator, expert of the Jtlkliget.

2-3 years old

At this age, let's just think about doing the simplest tasks, such as storing games, or maybe using the bed. You can help dry up your clothes, shuffle, and clean your lower shelves with a damp cloth. Let's put the bowls, cutlery, napkin on the table and teach us where to place it, on which side. In kindergarten you will also need to move and practice this.

4-5 years old

He moves in a random way, sits down, sets the table. You'll run away afterwards. Helps to cook: pan, chop ring, chop. It helps to separate clothes for washing, shreds socks. It unloads the clean cutlery, clears the table, shelves, and provides the home's favorite feed.

6-7 years old

In addition to all the housework you have done, you can also look at the simpler phases of bathroom cleaning: for example, flushing the sink with a cleaner and sponge, and cleaning the mirror with a window cleaner. So many times before you can unpack the dishwasher - which you don't want to put in place, leave it in the machine or on the kitchen counter - you can pack the dishwasher in the dryer, and you can unpack the dryer.

8-9 years old

In addition to this, a new program can be dusting, trash picking, and trash removal in the home. As we work our way through the kitchen, we can get involved with cooking more and more, trying to make simpler meals - under our supervision.

10-12 years old

Even if you have taken the part out of your household, you are already confident in the kitchen at this age, and with some simpler recipes - pancake roasting, lettuce, hot sandwiches - you can do well and clean. You run away afterwards, wiping the floor. It dusts off, dusts off the car, wipes its windows, and wipes it off. Exercise light supervision under supervision.

Don't hurry!

The suggestions listed are suggestions based on age, not expectations - emphasizes Szilvia Licsбr. Never forget that all children, even siblings, can be very different in development. The essence of graduation is to do the housework from a very young age on a daily basis. Tasks based on their abilities improve a lot by solving and practicing, and based on the proper basics, we will be less able to do the tasks they have than they will be during the difficult time of adolescence.Related articles on housework:
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