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The kid will be stupid and aggressive on TV

The kid will be stupid and aggressive on TV

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Twice a day after television, every other sixty minutes can drastically damage the physical, mental and social development of the seedlings. Those who lose a lot have poorer deafness, less mathematical skills, and less time to concentrate.

In addition, passive power off also makes it physically weaker. However, they added that there are nothing to hold for 2 hours 52 minutes a day. THE little kids who miss too much they are mentally inferior, physically weaker, and more prone to aggression, the authors of the study summarize. A total of 1,997 babies and babies were surveyed for 29 months, whose parents also provided data on the age of death, according to the Longitudinal Research Institute for Child Development in Quebec. 2 hours 52 minutes a day or less, there is no negative effect on the development of bracts. "This study picks up the most common form of pre-screen TV, home television," said Professor Linda Pagani, a University of Montreal expert.

Cancer can make you aggressive

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"The results suggest increased parental awareness, and further adherence to the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association that small daily births It's worth two clicks. Every other sixty minutes seems to have a significant negative effect, "Dr. Pagani explained. Pediatric Research cнmы appeared in the journal.
Baby Room:
Tamás Vekerdy ​​has said in many forums that the fire is by no means wholesome, as it obstructs the child in the interior. The outward (in many cases indefinite) images, the large amount of information makes it tense. Unprocessed tension, lack of movement, and lack of internal training are all aggressive, which can be replaced by inertia.