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If the baby was born in the sign of Taurus (IV. 21. - V. 21.)

If the baby was born in the sign of Taurus (IV. 21. - V. 21.)

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It values ​​tranquility, stability and security - so it is of paramount importance that your parents are consistent and that events are predictable.

If your baby was born in the sign of Taurus

Kйnyelemszeretх, so it's important to be careful not to lose yourself too much in life and exercise. Because toothy nature's scenery, going out, gardening, or dog-feeding can attract enough to get out of the way. he is attracted to the arts; aesthetic sensibility can be enhanced especially by music and craftsmanship. When you find the area that suits you, you are usually persistent, thoroughly involved in the activity. You can absorb yourself alone. However, nit is hard to bear when it is urged. Anyone who tries to get out of their usual pace can get a taste of stubbornness: in this case, it only makes it slower - your environment to adapt. It was as early as childhood megbнzhatу, békepбrti form. It is not easy to get out of the thread; true, if you succeed, you will be surprised and slow down. The babies born in this ticket are mostly quite excited to learn fashion, makeup, and female roles as soon as possible; they don't even go to the kindergarten with any hairstyle ... and of course they love their favorite dolls too. Taurus-born little boys can be a little more empathetic and weaker than their peers; if you have them, they will avoid rude, "boy" games and battles. But they shouldn't be afraid either: szнvуssбguknak Thanks to a long distance, they almost always achieve what they really want.Related articles in Horoscope:
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