15 tips for tummy tuckers

15 tips for tummy tuckers

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It is very important that you have time to relax during pregnancy. Here are some helpful ideas on how to turn a little of your valuable time into yourself, like buying baby clothes and visiting Visaginas.

Let's comfort ourselves during pregnancy!

The excuse has a right to go back a little! We deserve every bit of earthly goodness! But most of us have to work the same way as before, the sink is full at home, and the nursery is always in ruins ... We've put together a bunch of practices that can give you some nice, relaxing minutes even at work.

How to Find 5 Free Minutes?

1. Be consistent and regular! Let's highlight a time during the day - like the minutes after lunch - when we can look out for ourselves in a relaxed environment. Do not worry about washing and ironing in the mountains! The goblins and clothes are worthwhile.2. Let's involve relatives, friends to do the tasks! Let's also take the grandmother's help, let her do anything in the apartment. Notice that soon, our couple will rather do their smaller or bigger household chores… All this is warming up for the baby's arrival before the baby arrives and a good reason to introduce the mystery of washing and ironing.3. Let's choose two days when relax before going to sleep a little, not the usual way we get into the matter. We can sleep a lot deeper and wake up more relaxed. Tip:
You can also learn simple loosening techniques from books or the Internet. If you are serious, or want to apply for anxiety, tension, it is worth taking a course.4. Always have an exciting book or good music on your mp3 player. Whether you are looking for a bus, or an ultrasound doctor, you can quickly go to another world that we love and that is ours! Let's open the road between work and home! At first glance, it may sound crazy, but in the meantime, a lot of things can be thought of and turned inside. Once you get in the door, your couple will still need us, and your friends and you will come up with all kinds of ideas. We can gain new life by doing a little detour on the way home.

Atmospheric tips

6. Record it sйtбt not only at our desk, but also at lunch time! Don't worry if we stay a little longer than usual because of this. Others go out to smoke in Iran, don't they? A little physical activity enhances the brain's natural endorphin production, and so improves our mood.7. We may not have the time or the mood to train now (between two vomits). Let's start maintenance more directly, for example, cosmetic treatment. This will make our public feel better! Come out to the garden for a cup of delicious tea in the community! Sunlight is a good therapy against depression! Not to mention the natural brown that makes everyone attractive.9. Let's keep a diary! It is often the case that we cannot share our feelings with anyone in our environment, even though it would be so good to talk about our feelings of sorrow, our sins, our fears. At this time, the sunshine ring for the souls.10. Let's go with our favorite record, and have a great time listening to music. Not to mention the fact that the fetus also enjoys music in the womb, so you can become a young fan of your favorite shows soon.

Wellness ideas for home

11. Breathing Exercise
There is nothing sweeter than resting your eyes on a comfortably despised couch. As your body begins to get heavy, Focus on the air. Breathe in the air for a week, during which time the knee, chest and shoulders should rise, and then exhale the air in the same way, so that the chest is relaxed immediately, and the knee is relaxed. Repeat the baking process a few times in the same way. Stop it immediately if it starts to fade. When you are done with the flap exercise, shake your hands, feet, open your eyes and slowly rise up.12. Treat your complexion!
Brighten up your skin with a home-made wrap. A recipe for a full-fledged, cleansed, and cleaned-up effective panacea: blend in a cup of fresh strawberries, a tablespoon of honey, two teaspoons of soda beans, a tablespoon of natural yogurt and a quarter. Use this mass to lubricate the face and neck. Leave on for a few minutes before washing. Lбb-Spa
Make strong peppermint tea, simmer two filters with two slices of water, and then dilute the brew with four liters of warm water. Soak your feet in this water, you will feel refreshed and soothing. Rinse your feet with cold, sometimes warm water to improve blood flow to the feet. Boil another cup of peppermint tea, sip it, but shake it before 14. Illуolajok
Collect candles and dip in a scented bath full of three drops of mandarin oil and two drops of citrus oil. Do not be too hot with water, as it can be dangerous for the mother and the baby! Together is the real thing
Our most favorite is to partner masszнrozza our backs and our necks. It is worth trying these blenders: mix two drops of lavender and three drops of rye oil in half a deci of almond oil. Ask your couple to lubricate their shoulders, back, swollen feet!Related articles in Pregnancy Filling:


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